Deep Rock Galactic: Plaguefall Season 3 launches today on Steam

Today Deep Rock Galactic creators Coffee Stain Publishing and Ghost Ship Games released Season 03: Plaguefall on Steam. Scheduled for a console release on November 17th, Season 03: Plaguefall brings a deadly disease called Rockpox to the planet of Hoxxes IV. Along with this new outbreak comes another completely free Season Performance Pass unlocking 100 levels, four new grenades, new in-game encounters and enemy types, and plenty of challenges to overcome this outbreak.

Selection, Pustules and “Powerwashing”

Season 03: Plaguefall sees a series of infected meteors come into contact with Hoxxes IV, bringing with them a pest called Rockpox and infecting glyphid creatures that roam the mines with foul carbuncles. Mission control will warn the miners of an impending attack, they will need to evacuate the danger zone, eliminate the infected glyphids on standby and contain the spread through special tasks. In the collision, the dwarves must call in cleanup equipment and clear all the rockflowers from the mines before removing and properly disposing of the infected meteor plague hearts.

Plaguefall Performance Pass

The completely free Deep Rock Galactic Performance Pass returns for Season 03: Plaguefall. Level 100 is full of unlockable content, a dwarf who puts his nose to the pot will be rewarded with tons of cosmetics, resource caches, weapon builds… as well as tons of company scrip that will make use of the cosmetics tree. Players can progress through the Plaguefall Performance Pass by completing seasonal challenges and collecting plague hearts from the remains of fallen meteors.

It got out of control

In addition to all these dedicated worker rewards, Deep Rock Galactic also offers four new grenades, one for each Dwarf class. These explosives include the Springloaded Ripper, which allows Punch to destroy anything with three rows of razor blades, as well as the Tactical Leadburster, which shoots bullets when detonated by shooters. Scout can deal some serious damage and then some in one quick move with the boomerang-like Voltaic Stun Sweeper. Finally, inspired by Season 02’s competitors, the Engineer can unleash a series of Shredders with the new Shredder Swarm.

Finally, Season 03 includes weapon balance changes as well as a new cosmetic DLC ‘Biohazard Pack’ that offers some protection against any infections in Season 03 – well, we think so.

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