Deathloop will soon receive a Golden Loop update; Confirmed on Xbox

The text below was published on the game’s official website.


DEATHLOOP’s latest update is almost here, and it brings tons of awesome new stuff, from new weapons and abilities to new enemies, *also* a new console to enjoy this award-winning game on.

That’s right, on September 20, DEATHLOOP is coming to Xbox Series X|S. Discover everything the GOLDENLOOP update has to offer below, including Xbox release details.


In addition to adding new features to the game, the GOLDENLOOP update brings DEATHLOOP to new platforms! With this update, you will be able to play games on Xbox Series X|S. And anyone who is a PlayStation Plus (Additional or Premium) or Game Pass member will be able to enjoy everything DEATHLOOP has to offer (including the new GOLDENLOOP update features) for free from launch.

The GOLDENLOOP update also brings PvP crossplay matchmaking available on PSN, Xbox, Steam, Epic, and the Microsoft Store. You can set your crossplay matchmaking to “any” (all platforms) or “equal” (only the same platform you’re using). You can also set your crossplay matchmaking controller to “any” (all controller types) or “equal” (only the same controller you’re using).

The console and PC versions will also feature cross-buy and cross-save, so if you buy DEATHLOOP from the Microsoft Store on Xbox or PC, you can pick up where you left off on other Microsoft platforms.

New Ability: Stun

Blackreef is a never-ending party, and what would a never-ending party be without a little drink? The new Stupor skill is a projectile that slows and confuses your target, rendering them harmless (and slightly intoxicated). The Stupor skill also includes four hidden enhancements:

  • Code: Extended duration
  • Contagious Rhythm: Use Stupor “Mine” on the surface
  • Dissonance: Target becomes hostile to allies
  • Syncope: When the target dies, stupor affects nearby enemies

Imagine the damage that can be done by combining dissonance and syncope. That’s the kind of party Colt likes.

You’ll have to do some work to figure out how to get the Stupor Plate. Maybe stop at Carlsbad in the afternoon? You may find a new mystery to solve.

New Weapon: FASILITE Prototype

Visionary Wenjie has a new little gift for you. The FASILITA Prototype is a new energy rifle that fires a kind of continuous laser beam that allows you to destroy your enemies with precision. Shoot a beam at a turret or security camera to break the beam and hit your enemies on target.

DEATHLOOP screenshot 1920x1080 HALPSprototype


If you thought the Maradists were unrepresentative, wait until you meet Dyer. These new NPCs take their creative side to the extreme, strapping explosive ink cartridges to their bodies to explode as they rush towards you. Don’t let them get too close, or you’ll explode with them in a rainbow of colors and become just another splash of paint on the colorful streets of Blackriffic Island.

DEATHLOOP screenshot 1920x1080 PaintBomber

New Ability Enhancements: Four new enhancements to Juliana’s simulacrum ability

Before, Juliana’s Simulacrum ability was the only ability in the game that didn’t care, but that’s gone. With the GOLDENLOOP upgrade, you will have four upgrade options:

  • Faction: Hit three NPCs with Simulacrum
  • Remedy: Restore health when using Simulacrum on an NPC
  • Exposure: When an NPC affected by the Simulacrum dies or sees a colt, the colt is automatically marked
  • Anonymity: Damage taken when using Simulacrum is converted into energy

DEATHLOOP 7 Things Juliana

New 2 in 1 trivia

19 new trinkets have been added to DEATHLOOP, but they’re not the ones you already know. These 2-in-1 DIYs combine the capabilities of two existing DIYs. The new Wrecking Ball trinket, for example, combines the existing Speedster (more speed) and No Brake trinkets (damages an enemy heading towards it). Give and Sell is a mix of Deep Pockets (carry more ammo) and Stab and Loot (more ammo for kills). Grab these 2-in-1 hacks to free up space on your gear for new possibilities.

And new secrets…

… including an extended ending to the game and other surprises. But what about spoiling these surprises for you? The way is to play DEATHLOOP and find out what the GOLDENLOOP update has in store for you.

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