Deathloop: The trailer shows the news about the new version of Goldenloop

Arkane Studios has released a new Deathloop trailer to introduce what’s new in the update golden loopIt also states that the game is pre-loaded Xbox Game Pass.

As you know, after a year of console exclusives on PS5, Deathloop is also coming to Xbox Series X and S. from tomorrow September 20, 2022Even Xbox users will be able to play it by purchasing or subscribing to Xbox Games Pass.

New players will naturally get all the news immediately from the Goldenloop update, which will also be available for the PC and PS5 versions. Microsoft decided to support the Playstation when it could now remove them from this new version – a commendable attitude.

Among the additions, the GOLDENLOOP update also includes cross-play PvP matchmaking for PSN, Xbox, Steam, Epic, and the Microsoft Store. You can set the “Cross-play Matchmaking” option to “Any” (play on all platforms) or “Equal” (play on your platform only), and set the cross-play matchmaking control to “Any” (play against any type of controller) or “Equals” ( playing against the same type of controller you are using).

New Ability: Escape
Blackreef is a never-ending party, and what’s a never-ending party without a little intoxication? The new Escape ability fires a projectile that slows and confuses the target, rendering them temporarily invulnerable (and blinking). The ability to escape also includes four notable upgrades:

Tail: extended length.
Default: Leave the “mine” on the Escape surface.
Disharmony: Makes the target hostile to your allies.
Syncope: After the target dies, escape spreads to nearby enemies.

Imagine the damage you can do with a combination of Diharmony and Syncope… it’s a feast worthy of a colt!
You have to do a little research to find the Escape tablet. How about meeting him in Carlsbad this afternoon? You can find a new mystery to solve…

New Weapon: AUTH Prototype
Visionary Wenjie has a new gift for you. The prototype AUTA is a new energy rifle that fires a continuous laser beam that allows it to cut through enemies with precision. Shoot a beam at a turret or security camera to use its refraction to repel enemies.

New Enemy: Bomb Artist
If you thought the other Eternals were crazy, wait until you meet the Bomb Artist… these new NPCs have taken their creativity to new heights, armed with a bandole of ink explosives that they’re more than happy to release and throw at you. Don’t let them get too close or they’ll kill you with a burst of color, turning you into just another splash of paint on the bustling streets of Blackriffic Island.

New Ability Upgrades: Four new upgrades to Juliana’s disguise ability
Until now, Juliana’s Disguise ability was the only ability in the game that didn’t have its own power, but that all changed. With the GOLDENLOOP upgrade, you will have four possible upgrade options:

Complex: Affects three NPCs with Cloak.
Remedy: Restore health when using Cloak on an NPC.
Exposure: When an NPC hit by Cloak dies or sees a colt, the colt is automatically issued.
Incognito: Converts damage taken when Cloak is active.

New plates “2 in 1”.
The GOLDENLOOP update introduces 19 new dog tags, but a little different than what you’re used to. These “2 in 1” ID tags combine the capabilities of two existing ID tags. Take for example the new “Wrecking Ball” tag, which combines the existing “Sprinter” (faster movement) and “Unstoppable Force” (damage the enemy while running). or “Infinite Pockets”, which combines the existing dog tags “Deep Pockets” (more portable ammo) and “Smash and Grab” (more ammo obtained from kills). Collect one of these one-of-a-kind ID tags to free up space on your gear and unlock new possibilities.

and New secrets ……between them Extended endgame and other surprisesS. But what fun would it be to destroy them? To find out what the GOLDENLOOP update has in store, all you have to do is play DEATHLOOP!

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