Deathloop Director Says Xbox Game Pass Launch Surprised Them; Many Brazilian fans

Coincides with the launch of Xbox Series X and S deathloopgame director, Dinga Bakaba, caught up with Xbox Wire to talk about Deathloop, including the benefits of releasing on Xbox Game Pass this time around. Speaking of Game Pass, Bacaba seems to have been bitten by a strong start.

After its year-long PS5 exclusivity period, Deathloop comes to Xbox platforms with the ability to actually Second issue. Here’s how Bacaba thinks Arkane could benefit from a service like Xbox Game Pass:

When I hear this At night, so many players will be able to enjoy our game at the same time, I’m worried! More people means more opinions, more feedback… and also allows us to reach certain areas where video games are less accessible because its too expensive; I think about it BrasilFor example, where Arkane games have many fans. We don’t think twice about making our game more accessible.

Of course, Xbox Game Pass also benefits all of us as gamers, not just development teams. Not only do we get a comprehensive service that now offers all games The first party On day one of Xbox (including the upcoming Arkane titles), a subscription also allows you to discover some, shall we say, less elegant genres. It turns out that the director of Deathloop was doing just that:

As for the discoveries, there are indeed many… I think the most recent one is this one Power Wash simulator. I don’t know how I could have bought this game, even with the advice of a friend It’s very fun, relaxing… We have single player games, multiplayer games, very short titles that you can finish in 4 hours, others that you can finish in 150 hours… It’s very cool!

It should be remembered that out of nowhere, Power Wash Simulator has been a phenomenon among the most played games on Xbox Game Pass, and it seems that even the members of Arkane were obsessed with this unusual game.

Well, if you’re looking to discover something new on Xbox Game Pass, you can’t go wrong with Arkane’s newest immersive simulator. I’m especially a fan of Prey, there’s a lot of fun and discovery in the game.

Have you ever been to Deathloop? If so, leave your spoiler-free initial impressions below.


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