Deathloop: Check out the comparison between the PS5 and Xbox series versions

It’s been a long wait, but finally an exclusive contract deathloop on consoles and, by extension, on the audience Xbox You can finally see the adventures of Colt and Juliana! Also, the first technical comparison between the platforms has arrived and you can see the result below!

Posted on the respected and excellent channel El Analista de Bits on YouTube, the comparison is focused on the original version. Game station 5 against new editions Xbox Series X/S. look:

In the review, he highlights the different game modes on the PS5, which include Performance Mode (60fps at 1620p), Quality (4K Dynamic: 60fps at 1836p), Ray-Tracing (4K Dynamic at 30fps and 1836p), and Ultra Performance (1080p). at 120fps). On Xbox Series S we have performance mode (1080p dynamic 60fps) and quality (1080p dynamic 60fps).

Finally, on Xbox Series X we have Performance mode (4K Dynamic: 60fps at 1836p), Quality (4K Dynamic: 60fps at 1836p), Ray Tracing (4K Dynamic: 30fps at 1836p) and Ultra Performance (1080p at 120fps). After all, the result was the following:

In Quality and Ultra Performance modes, the Xbox Series X has greater frame rate stability than the PS5. But on both Xbox Series X and PS5, using quality mode causes fps violations. As expected, the S version of the series ends up being the worst and has lower resolution in some textures and shadows.

Finally, the channel recommends playing in performance mode on PS5 and Xbox Series X and in quality mode on Xbox Series S, also indicating that a quality 1440p version will probably be possible given the hardware power of the Series S. What platform are you thinking of playing on?

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