Death Stranding’s arrival on PC Game Pass wasn’t about Sony, the company’s claims

The owner of PlayStation has confirmed that it has no impact on the availability of the game for PC in stores.

Scheduled to arrive on PC Game Pass next Tuesday (23), Death Stranding It may have been produced with the help of Sony, but it There was no consultation during delivery to the subscription system. In a statement posted on the website Push Square, it claims to have no connection with the desktop version of the game, which is the responsibility of 505 Games.

Death Stranding’s PC release is being handled by Kojima Productions and 505 Games“, the company says. He also said that Sony Interactive Entertainment, which is responsible for publishing the game on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Has no involvement with game arrival on Game Pass.

While Sony helped fund the game and set up Kojima Productions itself, it goes without saying The contract between the companies does not provide for the total exclusivity of the projectO. While there are conditions preventing it from being released on Xbox platforms, the developer seems to have a lot of freedom in how it works on other platforms.

Death Stranding can be accompanied by other games

While Microsoft highlighted Death Stranding as the next major Game Pass update, The game may not be his only arrival on Tuesday. Traditionally, an Xbox owner typically makes at least bimonthly updates to the service’s catalog of both PC, Xbox and Xcloud system titles.

Last week, the service received several updates as a result of the launch QuakeCon 2022. This led to the addition of games such as Earthquake 4, Earthquake Champions, Wolfenstein 3D and other games from the back catalog of Bethesda—now a member of Xbox Game Studios—in their PC games catalog.

As for Death Stranding, apparently The version that will arrive on the system is the Director’s Cut, which debuted on PC in March of this year. Rumors indicate that Kojima Production has already started work on a sequel, but so far The studio continues to be tight-lipped about what its second official project will be.


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