Death Stranding launches on Xbox Game Pass in August

After many rumors and posts Death Stranding official account Xbox Game Pass Enabled for PC TwitterA Microsoft It confirmed what we all expected. The 2019 hit is finally coming to the game maker’s subscription service catalog Xbox.

The information was confirmed in a post published on the company’s blog. The video below was also released to publicize the announcement that subscribers can download from August 23, 2022.

It’s important to remember that this does not confirm that the game will be released for consoles. Xbox On the same day or in the near future. statement Microsoft only mentions that PC gamers (which includes notebooks) will be able to relive the title’s adventure, developed Kojima Productionswhich belongs to the famous Hideo Kojima. At least for now, in the console world, the game is exclusive Sony And just turn us around PlayStation 4 and PS5.

Apart from the great visual experience and breathtaking adventure, another important place Death Stranding There is its soundtrack, which was completely developed for the game and includes music from bands such as Traga-me o Horizonte, Neighborhood and mission. listen:

The success of Death Stranding

Available from 08 November 2019, Death Stranding was one of the last editions Hideo Kojima which caused the most buzz inside and outside the gaming industry. The latest figures say that in 2021 alone, the title will reach 5 million copies sold worldwide.

The game was well received by critics and the general public (Photo: Showmetech Collection)

The title has been made available for PCs windows on July 14, 2020. The game was awarded in categories Best Performance, Best Music/Soundtrack and Best Game Direction on Game Awards 2020, in addition to being the game with the most nominations that year. on BAFTA Video Game Awards 2019, Death Stranding Awarded in the category Best technical achievement.

O Showmetech He already had the opportunity to try the director’s cut Death Stranding And you can check all the details in our special post.

Death stranding which will be available on xbox game pass
The scenery is breathtaking (Photo: Showmetech Collection)

Once again, subscribers Xbox Game Pass It will gain extras that further value the investment and put Microsoft’s option in contention for the best game subscription service in Brazil. you will play Death Stranding on your computer? tell us Comments!

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Source: Xbox Wire

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