Dead Space Remake has a 4K gameplay trailer

Electronic Arts and Motive have released the first official gameplay trailer for the Dead Space remake. The game will be released on January 27, 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, and Origin).

Pre-orders are now available on PC for the Standard Edition starting at R$249 and the Deluxe Edition starting at R$299, which includes five cosmetic items (three unique suits and two suit textures).

Watch the trailer:

More information about the game via Steam:

Dead Space, the sci-fi survival horror classic, is back with a complete overhaul to deliver a deeper, more immersive experience. The remake features stunning visual fidelity, immersive audio, and gameplay enhancements while staying true to the exciting vision of the original game.

Isaac Clarke is an ordinary engineer on a mission to repair a huge mining ship, the USG Ishimura. However, he soon sees that something is terribly wrong. The crew was killed and Isaac’s beloved partner Nicole was lost somewhere on the ship.

Now alone, armed only with his tools and engineering skills, Isaac struggles to solve the terrible mystery of what happened aboard the Ishimura in hopes of finding Nicole. With hostile creatures called necromorphs, Isaac survives in a battle not only against the horrors around him, but against the loss of his own sanity.

Dive into the next generation of sci-fi terror

The sci-fi survival horror classic is back with a complete overhaul, high visual fidelity and atmospheric 3D audio. From the hauntingly detailed crew quarters and workstations to the chilling, atmospheric sounds of a murdered, abandoned ship, you’ll explore an incredible sci-fi landscape filled with unpredictability and tense moments seamlessly.

Unleash the mystery on USG ISHIMURA

What begins as a routine repair mission for Engineer Isaac Clarke and the crew of the USG Kellion quickly becomes a battle for survival as the truth behind the horrors on board begins to emerge. As you experience an expanded narrative experience, uncover the dark secrets behind the events of the USG Ishimura with the final accounts of the hapless crew and their encounters with the small number of survivors.

Improvising to survive

Take on the nightmare in USG Ishimura with genre-defining strategic skirmish gameplay. Customize and upgrade Isaac’s engineering tools to creatively defeat and destroy your opponents, turning them into flesh and blood.

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