Dead Space Remake gets new details and gameplay; See highlights

The international press had the opportunity to experience first-hand its first chapters Dead Space remakewhich is developed by studio Motive, from Star Wars: Squadrons. with that First impressions of the game and Additional release details Launched this Friday (14th) as expected last month.

The game is said to bring a familiar but improved experience. The Ishimura mining ship, where the game takes place, is now fully interactive with no loading screens and brings a new environment to explore.

There is still a Stimulus to review previously studied scenariosBecause it is possible to find locked doors with secrets, including environments related to the game’s new side missions.

Even if players already take care of the enemies in this area, the game has a system called intensity control, which can stop the sounds of ventilation pipes, pipes exploding without warning, or surprise attacks from Necromorphs, the terrifying creatures that slaughtered the Ishimura’s crew. That’s why it’s important to never overstep your guard.

Similar to later games, Dead Space Remake’s zero-gravity system allows for 360º movement and combat.Source: Disclosure/EA

During the quest, players are also faced with the crucial choice of rationing energy. To release access to the area, There will be times when players will have to connect to a circuit breaker and go without oxygen or lightsfor example.

“One of the things we were trying to do was add more context to the different purposes, expand on what was already there and add a little more detail and depth where we could.”Philippe Ducharme, senior producer, explains dead space.

The prints also highlight the visual beauty of the game, including the lighting system. In combat, it’s also possible to spot the different layers of flesh and sinew on creatures before they disintegrate – a fundamental strategy in the game. However, the idea is that players have an instant response to the damage they take.

Dead Space remake release is planned January 27, 2023. To deliver a legitimate next-gen experience, with a focus on visual fidelity and immersion, the game will be available only Pracha, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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