Dead Space for Steam will run without Origin, Electronic Arts confirms

The reboot of the horror series promises to be a native app on the Valve store

Scheduled to hit stores in early 2023, Dead Space will no longer use Origin as an additional launcher For those who purchase it through Steam. According to Electronic Arts, the title will be “native” to the Valve platform, which means You won’t need to open any additional software to enjoy

The decision comes at a time when The company is getting closer and closer to retiring the app, which will be replaced by the new EA app. Until then, the vast majority of the publisher’s games, such as FIFA 23, continued to run smoothly on Origin. Some random exceptions like F1 2021.

Although it has been confirmed Dead Space will be the home of SteamElectronic Arts did not specify if this will be a pattern that other future releases will follow. Although he tried to leave the Valve platform to invest in his own store, The company is back to offer its full catalog in 2019.

EA’s new beta launcher is out

Interestingly, the confirmation that the reboot of the horror series will not use EA’s DRM came on the same day. He confirmed that his new launcher is coming out of beta. Now available for download on PC EA application It should soon completely replace Origin, although no date has been announced.

In practice, the additional launcher should be abandoned A guarantee that Dead Space will be less susceptible to launch issues than other titles. For example, the Steam version of FIFA 23 has had some problems thanks to the anti-cheat system – which requires Origin to run in administrator mode to work.

The horror game reboot is now available for pre-order on Valve’s store and promises to bring An experience that retains many elements of the original version, but it still has surprises for veteran players. With confirmed versions as well PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|SThe game is scheduled to be released on January 27, 2023.

Dead Space: Check out the requirements to reboot the series on PC

Dead Space: Check out the requirements to reboot the series on PC
The game promises a faithful recreation of the original game, but it also has some surprises in store for players.


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