Dead O Omega: A new bot that terrifies Xbox owners

Have you ever received a message from Dead O Omega?

In recent days, many people around the world are sharing their “experiences” (see Reddit) Bot Called “Dead OmegaThis terrifies many Xbox users.

According to reports, Bot Dead Omega Invites players into chat groups and after receiving an invitation, Bot Will have access to your IP address, Which is the address of your Internet modem / router. Unfortunately, there are a few Bots The same name and the only difference is the number of your accounts. Check:

Am I going to break up? This account has several accounts and is requesting to join my game from xboxone

Other reports indicate that by publishing a Group Request PostThe Bot You will be contacted shortly with a “terrible” message: Remember my name, Or “Remember my name”, in Portuguese. Unfortunately, we do not know what “Remember My Name” means or when Xbox will take action to resolve the issue. look:

And how do I avoid receiving messages from it?

Do not worry BotYou will not be able to create new posts from the resource “I’m looking for a bandOn your Xbox because that’s one of the starting points Bot Start bothering yourself.

Another thing you can do is Block messages and invite messages Made by people who are not on your friends list:

  1. Click the “Home” button on the controller
  2. Go to the “Profile and System” tab
  3. Go to Settings> Options> Notifications> Xbox notifications
  4. Turn messages on or off, or just leave them for friends and favorites
  5. If you uncheck the “Allow notifications” option, it will cancel all notifications from Xbox.

So, did you ever attack a bot? Tell us in the comments!

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