Dead By Daylight announces new Resident Evil and attack on Titan content

The game will also get new characters and a new dating simulator

Celebrating the sixth year Dead By DaylightDeveloper Behavior Interactive has announced that the game will gain new memorabilia, partnerships and unpublished projects. The first news includes a The second chapter is inspired by the Resident Evil series And the arrival of new items inspired by the series Ტ Attack on the Titans.

The announcement marks the second time Capcom has had a series of horror games collaborating with the game: In 2021, characters such as Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy and Nemesis helped celebrate her fifth anniversary.. The new special event will be known as Resident Evil Chapter: Project W And should bring in new toy characters and villains that have not yet been proven – but the existence of an antagonist Albert Wesker Almost true.

Already Behavior Interactive’s collaboration with Attack on Titan will be purely cosmetic, Anyway, the characters of the series will not appear in Dead by Daylight. He must take the form of offering special skins for the game, which will be transformed Dwight in Eren, Zarina in the Hange And Oni on the armored titan.

Dead By Daylight will get the original characters

The game developer also revealed Details about the new Root of Dread chapterWhich will introduce a new wave Original charactersS. In it the players will get acquainted The villain The Dredge – The unformed mass of limbs, which is itself a living manifestation of darkness that can be teleported through scenarios while hunting for survivors.

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Behavior Interactive also revealed this Dead By Daylight will be won by Indian survivor Hadi Kauri, As well as a new map known as the “Garden of Joy”. The developer’s promise is that more details about himself, including a full list of his characters, before The release is scheduled for June 7th.

To complete the ad, The company has confirmed that it will release Hooked on You: A Dead By Daylight Dating Sim, A simulator that promises to develop a relationship mixed with lots of horror. According to the developer, the visual novel promises to change the concept of the game world, allowing players Develop a unique connection with your favorite killers.


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