Dataminers releases news from Battlefield 2042 1 season

DICE promises new maps and game modes with the arrival of the Zero Hour update

The launch is scheduled for June this year, Battlefield 2042 Season 1 – Known as “Zero hours“- will have a difficult mission to revive public interest in the game. While DICE still keeps secret the news it will bring, dataminers found details about several of them from files already present in the FPS.

Among the news updates is inclusion New Polish specialist Evelina Lisi, Accompanied by a new gadget that allows the use of an automatic targeting missile. The game must also be won Stealth helicopters with two seatsAnd each faction must receive a specific skin for the vehicle.

Battlefield 2042 Will also win New map of the Black Ridge, Which can be seen from the leaked picture, which is located in a dense jungle. Although the data from the game does not show its exact location, The expectation is that it will be deployed in Canada And explore the elements characteristic of the country’s forests.

Zero Hour promises new modes

The data creator also revealed that with the Battlefield 2042 season first, DICE presents the first Premium Battle Pass of the game. The update also promises to arrive 24/7 exposure modeIn which players can join the ongoing battle for control of Black Ridge.

Another novelty Exposure to Mayhem Mode, Which also uses a new map of the game. In it, The shells and the movement speed of the soldiers are acceleratedAnd the intense pace also affects vehicle renewal time and reduces the wait required to send new troops to battlefields.

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Battlefield 2042 no longer considers threat zone mode a priority
According to DICE, the option failed to gain a sufficient player base.

Up to this point, Neither DICE nor Electronic Arts has confirmed the leakAnd, presumably, the detected modes will change at their debut Battlefield 2042. The company is expected to disclose More details on official season 1 in the coming days And that the game will continue the ongoing transformation process until at least the end of 2022.


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