Dark Souls: Series servers run on PC for 100 days

And they still do not expect to work.

Fans of the Dark Souls series who play on the computer will not be able to access the game’s multiplayer features for more than 100 days. – and there is still no prediction when their servers should be backed up and launched. In January of this year, From Software and Bandai Namco decided to suspend the series’ online activities after discovering security holes, allowing the code to be executed remotely.

On the season, The companies said they were investigating the case and that the games would return to normal after the problems were resolved.. At one point, they announced that their investigation had expanded to the Elden Ring, which, although it has its own exploitation problems, has a functional multiplayer PC version.

In the situation of Dark Souls, the fact that The latest update on the status of their servers was shared on February 9th. Since then, Bandai Namco and From Software have been silent on the fate of the series on PC – which has even reached Lose the multiplayer badge In the Steam update.

Bandai Namco is silent

In a recent announcement on this issue, game developers announced this The issue would take time and would only be resolved after the release of Elden Ring. With the success of the latest game, many fans think that companies may simply have decided that it was not worth the effort to upgrade the servers to their old titles.

Consultations by Eurogamer, Bandai Namco has not yet commented on the situation or an official update.. In a February post, the company promised to make an announcement.After setting a schedule for returning online services“.

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Although the Dark Souls servers on the PC have been populated by scammers since the series practically launched, The decision to shut down the servers of the series came only after a serious problem was discovered. A team of researchers found that the game (and its continuation) allowed Easy implementation of remote access attacksThe details of which were made public shortly after the closure of online game modes.


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Source: Eurogamer


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