Dark Alliance II is a really good port

Created by Square One Games Inc. and Black Isle Studios and distributed by Interplay Entertainment Corp. We got a port of the classic PS2 action RPG. Come check out what we found in our Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II review.

The game is available for PC on Steam, GOG, Epic Store and No has subtitles PT-BR.

RPG classic

We start the game between 5 characters: a barbarian, an elf necromancer, a thieving dwarf and a cleric. Although they are quite different from each other, there is no obvious connection between them and no deep background to their stories. But despite that, I found it quite amusing how each of them behaved throughout the adventure. Especially when talking to NPCs, where, for example, a barbarian hits almost every character.

The game begins by showing that the 3 heroes from the previous game have been captured by a vampire named Mordoc SeLanmere. In the ongoing story, 5 new characters find themselves on the path of traders and find it more dangerous because of a group of goblins called the Red Fang Marauders. After rescuing the caravan guard who was attacked, we go to a nearby town and need to kill the leader of a group of goblins just once to save the day. With this, we will travel with the guard to the city of Baldur in the game, and this is where our adventure really begins.

The wonderful world of D&D, at the time…

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II is a port of a game from 2004, meaning we have an 18 year gap there. That is, your appearance can leave – and leave a lot – to be desired. As Paia came, I didn’t feel uncomfortable with the overall look of the game, but I did feel the weight of age in it.

Graphically, it’s possible to find the game enjoyable, especially considering that we’re in a massive era of retro-looking indie games. However, its animations are pretty bad. Character movement is clunky and very robotic. I feel free to criticize this because I played a lot of the game that came out before it called Neverwinter Nights, which is based on the same RPG and which nevertheless has more fluid animations – for the time.

Despite these criticisms, the variety of environments and especially creatures made my overall experience quite good. As a classic book RPG fan, I was very happy to see creatures like skeletons, seers, dragons, etc. And even with the bad animation, when I managed to pass this obstacle, the game gave me something satisfying.

Gameplay that combines action and book RPG

Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II has a very interesting mix between an isometric action game that adapts the rules of the D&D book. Obviously, there are skill adaptations to suit the action game. For example, a common armor skill for RPG warriors is called Cleave, which consists of an additional attack on another enemy after killing the current enemy. In the game, this skill is adapted for area damage, which damages our main target and nearby people. This adaptation was quite interesting and perfectly fit the action of the game.

We also have some other typical RPG features in the game. We have found vendors that provide us with various and varied equipment. They also have the option of using gems to upgrade this equipment. It should also be noted that I found the value/quality balance to be excellent, I never felt that I was too rich or too poor. We also have NPCs that give us main quests and side quests, and they don’t have to be completed in any particular order. Once again I managed to enter this RPG world.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have control and goodwill, the commands can be bad at first. Even though the game is a port and not a remaster, I felt a lack of love when adapting the commands. Some didn’t even explain how to use them, which caused me a lot of pain, like creating shortcuts for my abilities. Of course, this trait resolves itself over time, but I found it a lack of focus trying to grab a new generation piece with a great “shot in the leg” for an already old game.

Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II is competent in its audio review

If I was a little disappointed with the game’s appearance, I can’t say the same about its audio. Its soundtrack is quite simple, but it conveys the world we live in. Whether exploring, in the city or in battle, the game manages to fulfill its role. Yes, it’s not something fancy that you’ll be reminded of, but it’s quite satisfying and won’t disappoint. On that note, there is something about the game that really surprised me, which was its voice acting.

I admit I don’t have many new memories/references in my head to compare to how normal it was at the time. But I was surprised to find that almost all the characters are fully voiced and very well by the way. Whether it was a dwarf, a dragon, or even a dragon, each voice brought the character to life and it felt so good.

The conclusion of our review of Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II

Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II is a very fun game, but maybe not for everyone. The game has an interesting and very “RPG” story that will delight fans of the genre. But its appearance is already quite old-fashioned, which may cause dissatisfaction among young people. Added to that, we have interesting gameplay, but it suffers from a lack of evolution in its controls. Although I adapted over time, at first this was the part I disliked the most about the game. On the other hand, its audio gave me something that blew me away, especially given the amount of play time. In short, Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II is a fun and nostalgic game that will please even the most nostalgic of people, but it has a good chance of not liking everyone who is about to enter this particular world of Baldur’s Gate for the first time.

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Visuals, atmosphere and graphics – 6

Gameplay – 6

Entertainment – 8

Audio and soundtrack – 8



Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II is a port that will most likely appeal to the most nostalgic fans, but it will alienate new players due to the lack of significant improvements given its age.

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