Cyberpunk 2077: See Patch 1.6 Comparison on Xbox One and Series S/X

YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits posted a comparison Cyberpunk 2077 on Microsoft consoles. The CD Projekt Red title recently received patch 1.6, the latest update for consoles Xbox One and Xbox One X. Thus, the performance that you can see in the video below is a permanent version of the game on older generation consoles.

The comparison highlights that the Xbox One X hits the 30fps mark, although there is noticeable instability. The Xbox One rarely hits 30fps and suffers from some stuttering. Additionally, another important aspect to note about Microsoft’s older generation consoles is the number of NPCs. On Xbox One and Xbox One X, the night city is less lively, with few cars on the streets and low pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks, which can give off a ghost town feel.

already Xbox Series S Gained a new performance mode 60fps which has excellent stability. As for the charging time, it is 6 times faster on Xbox Series S/X compared to older models.

Finally, ElAnalistaDeBits points out in the video caption that the improvements in the release version were significant in the One/OneX, but not enough to be considered Cyberpunk 2077 stable product.

Like Xbox One and Xbox One X, patch 1.6 is the final version Cyberpunk 2077 For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. From now on, the news will be exclusive to the new generation (PS5, Xbox Series S/X).

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