Cyberpunk 2077 came out completely without a problem because the testing company was cheating

Cyberpunk 2077 This will be one of the most memorable releases in gaming history. After one of the biggest upheavals ever built for a title in the industry, the game came full of flaws and problems that in some cases hindered or interrupted the player’s progress. Among the many reasons for this, it seems we can list the quality control implemented by third parties.

At release time CP 2077Developer CD Projekt Red even blamed the game quality control (QA) company Quantic Lab for some of the problems. This seemed to attempt to shift the focus of the blame, but now Upper Echelon Games says there may be some truth in this argument.

The YouTube channel became famous for its coverage Cyberpunk 2077 From the date of launch. Now he claims to have received a document from a Quantic Lab whistleblower showing that the company lied to the CDPR and did not actually report the game’s most significant bugs. According to the disclosure, the quality control company would have:

  • The size of the team he will work on is exaggerated CP 2077 To maintain the contract.
  • It was said that the team would have senior staff, but most were junior with less than 6 months of quality experience.
  • Established a system of daily quotes for reported errors that allowed their employees to focus on small and quick errors, without wasting time on larger and more significant problems.

The channel’s official says the “discloser” has sent enough documents to prove that he is indeed an employee of the Quantic Lab, but he has no way of proving whether these allegations are against the company.

The leak is disputed by CDPR developers

While it may be true that Quantic Lab cheated on CDPR, the developer was responsible for its final release Cyberpunk 2077 And missed visible problems for everyone who played for ten minutes. Not only that, the infamous claim that the game worked “amazingly well” on the latest generation of consoles turned out to be completely false.

Also, when the Upper Echelon video became popular, we now have another Twitter account where it says they spoke to CDPR developers who deny the problem was Quantic Lab.

They say the developer was all aware of the game’s biggest problems and that all reports were evaluated by an in-house QA team. “The idea that management does not know about mistakes is ridiculous.”

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