Cuphead DLC for PlayStation costs twice as much as other platforms

Those looking forward to checking out the game on PS4 and PS5 were met with steep prices

Officially launched last Thursday (June 30), Cuphead’s long-awaited Delicious Last Course DLC didn’t bring good news for Sony fans. While the price charged for overseas content is the same, here the price is in the PlayStation Store more than double Figure used in practice by rival platform stores.

On Steam and the Brazilian eShop, the DLC is out BRL 19.95A value that increases slightly BRL 19.99 on the Xbox Store. instead, In the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 store, content alone costs R$42.90 — and the trend remains on the cost of the original game, which is necessary to access additional content.

In the Valve Store, Cuphead comes with a regular price of R$36.99value BRL 34.50 in the eShop and BRL 78.82 on Xbox Live (excluding discount). The Sony store is still the most expensive. A charge of R$ 104.90 for access to the basic version of the game — All variants offer a bundle in which the title is accompanied by DLC, the cost of which varies BRL 54.99 (steam) and BRL 143.90 (PSN).

Sony did not explain the reasons for the difference

up to this point Sony has not explained the reasons why the game has such differentiated values ​​in its store. However, it is not alone in this regard: another recent independent publication, spirituality Also finds its best value on the PlayStation Store — The game costs BRL 45.99 on Steam and eShop, BRL 74.95 on Xbox Live and BRL 104.90 on PSN.

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One explanation for the difference is Absence of a standardized price adjustment system for the national market. It seems that when game developers don’t independently create a game adapted to Brazil, The Sony store just does the automatic conversion of values ​​from dollars.

However, this will only remain a guess until the Japanese company clarifies its pricing policy – which does not apply to other games and varies from case to case. As for Cuphead, Delicious Last Course features a new exploration island and playable character Ms. cupAlso adding a new selection of monstrous bosses that will test players’ skills and stamina.

Netflix releases Cuphead: The Series Season 2 trailer

Netflix releases Cuphead: The Series Season 2 trailer
The platform revealed that new episodes will be released later this year


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Source: IGN Brazil


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