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Warning: If you are not well versed in satanic covenants and demonic cults, we advise you to leave Cult of the Lamb Step aside and pick something else to play with. Then you ask me: “But how? It’s so colorful and cute!” And I’ll ask you one more question: who says a game can’t have both at the same time?

The new indie title developed by Massive Monster and published by Devolver Digital on August 11 begins with a lamb bound and headed for its own sacrifice. Arriving at their destination, the four terrible bishops say that the prophecy will be impossible with their deaths. But surprise! Upon entering the Underworld, the Lamb is resurrected by a creature identified as the Waiter, for which you, the last of your kind, must start a cult in return for this small favor. Interesting, isn’t it?

Everything seems new, and the unknown is scary, but calm down! It won’t take you long and along the way you will find the Ratau, an ancient ship as well as a lamb, who will be your guide. It will pop up from time to time and you can also visit it for future interactions and have some fun with a fast and competitive game of dice. But this first encounter is short-lived, so he soon leaves you alone to cross the forest and find your way out.

And then it begins Cult of the Lamb. It is basically divided into two parts that happen simultaneously. The first is a classic Farm building, where you will need to build buildings, plant crops, collect resources, feed and herd your followers that appear during your adventure. You’ll have plenty of options, including decorations and floor customization, not to mention the order you prefer to follow when building your base. It is impossible not to recall other games of this style, such as the classic Do not starve or even cozy groveOne I previewed in 2021 and which already has a sequel announced.

Cult of the Lamb

Krav is starting his cult from scratch, needing to gather resources to build his first buildings and recruit new followers. And since this is a cult, here we are going to see all the already known features of this medium (or at least the most stereotypical). Your followers will pray for you, they will work for your base, and you will have to maintain their loyalty for the good of your sect. To do this, follow a basic routine: preach daily sermons, teach liturgy, pay tithes, perform rituals (from the most innocuous to the darkest, including the sacrifice of followers). By doing this, Lamb will be able to raise the level of the cult and improve his fighting skills.

One nice thing is that their doctrines are not predetermined. When you launch a new one, you will have two options and only need to choose one of them. Improve fishing or agriculture? Make two of his followers fight to the death, or can the lamb be married to one – or, indeed, as many as you like – of them? It is such a choice that transforms Cult of the Lamb A unique experience for each player.

You will have all kinds of followers: those who will do anything for you, those who will ask you for things, those who will get sick and give you a little trouble, those who will rebel and start preaching against you among other situations. Keep everything clean and orderly, delegate roles, pay attention to faith, hunger and health markers, bless and inspire your followers to receive more devotion from them and everything will work out. confused? Probably. But things are introduced slowly, so it’s very easy to learn the function of each one and use it to your advantage.

Cult of the Lamb

Enjoy the image above, let’s talk errorS. Some are visual, like that red eye follower over there on the screen. He’s actually in jail for mutiny, but he was transferred there at the entrance to the base. There are other minor issues, especially moments where the game is about to crash, but certain actions just take a long time to complete. All this is acceptable, if only because Cult of the Lamb It’s only been a week with us, the developers are already aware and working on solutions.

the second part of Lama cultb is a rogelite, in which the Lamb goes on a crusade. He comes through the door and grabs a gun and a curse to shoot the enemies, then proceeds to randomly assemble the map. You’ll encounter rooms full of enemies, places where you can draw tarot cards and gain temporary advantages with them, others where you can gather resources, and in the midst of it all you’ll still be able to meet new characters and collect new followers.

Cult of the Lamb

At first you will have to choose a path to follow and you will not be able to go through other previously chosen areas. Before making a decision, carefully analyze what will be on the map. Need to recruit followers? Or maybe some specific resource? Want to cash in on an extra tarot card? Think before you decide.

At the end of each phase you will have to a Miniboss or one of four the bossMain game, bishops. After success, the ram returns to his cult with various rewards and even the ability to gain new powers. However, if you don’t survive to the end, lose some items and still return to your base, you have to go through the door and face the randomly generated level again.

after defeat the boss About the area in question, it is possible to continue your crusade and explore more places to find whatever remains of interest to you. Just remember that you have followers who need you in the cult, so only continue your journey if it’s okay to leave them alone.

Cult of the Lamb

In addition to these basic parts, a few other things to do will become available as we go along Cult of the Lamb. Your followers often have requests that automatically turn into short quests (if you accept them) that include performing certain rituals, finding followers, collecting items, and other requests.

In the crusades, there will be characters that the Aries will be able to interact with later, either for special missions or just to play games of Bugalho game (that dice game that I mentioned there at the beginning of the analysis) – and believe me, being especially fast and dynamic, it is a lot of fun and can be a good reward Yes, we will bring it to you. There are also different locations that are revealed on the map based on your progress in each of the four areas to explore, and with them new missions, fishing and new tattoo cards and decoration pieces that can be purchased.

Cult of the Lamb

generally Cult of the Lamb It’s a fluid game that moves you forward so naturally that you won’t notice any effort. It’s not too hard, which prevents you from giving up on continuing because you get angry too often, but it’s not too easy either, so the challenges are just right.

Even with the end of the story, the first menu has a “programming” option, which, when selected, informs us that the game will soon have free updates. For now, we can only wait to find out what’s next, but it’s already been confirmed that it won’t just be tweaks and bug fixes. mistakes.

every detail Cult of the Lamb It shows that this was a very well thought out project. It’s one of those games that doesn’t take too long to complete a level, so it’s possible to stop at almost any time; Still, I always thought “I’m just going to get resources to build one more thing” or “I’m just going to beat one more miniboss”. Despite the long running time, it’s not a tiring game, and after all, it seems to have a recipe for success. No wonder it hit the 1 million player mark in just the first week. Did the creators themselves make the deal? Here is the question.

The game is reviewed on standard PS4 with code provided by Devolver Digital.

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