Cult of the Lamb, an indie game from Devolver Digital, has sold one million copies

The attractive dark theme has attracted many players

Cult of the Lamb, an indie title published by Devolver Digital and developed by Massive Monster, was released exactly eight days ago. It has already reached the mark of one million copies sold. The game, which has an attractive appearance, tells the story of a “possessed lamb” who is “rescued by an evil stranger” and must form his own cult to pay off his debt.

“Honestly, we’re still processing everything that’s going on. It all started with small ideas: Can we combine these two genres that we love? Can we create something that’s terribly dark but also cute? As a small team working on it. The game It’s been a few years and we’re so glad you’re enjoying it,” said Massive Monster.

The developer ensures that he is working on additional content that will be in the game for free, as well as improvements and fixes for all platforms on which the game is available.

Sony didn’t pay to remove Culf of the Lamb from Game Pass, Devolver Digital claims

“But we still have a lot more to come! We’re working on updates with lots of free content that will add more depth to Cult of the Lamb. We’ve already fixed a few issues on the PC (version), and a few improvements and fixes are coming from other platforms. This is just the beginning, Because Cult of the Lamb has a lot of room to grow. Despite all the craziness of the past week, we want you to know that we really appreciate your support.”

The success of the game can be seen on Steam

on TwitterDevolver Digital posted the achievement and congratulated Massive Monster: “Congratulations to Massive Monster and our dark lord for selling a million copies of What Waits Cult of the Lamb in the first week. Thanks to the community for their support and understanding, and patches are lined up to update the game . Many cool things are working…”.

on SteamThe game peaked at 61,780 competitive players at launch, nearly the same number as Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered. Of course, Sony’s game costs almost four times as much as Cult of the Lamb, it’s worth remembering.

90% of over 14,000 reviews are very positive. Massive Monster and Devolver Digital titles are among the best sellers on Valve’s platform. The game is also available for PlayStation, Xbox and Switch consoles.


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