Crystal Dynamics threatens legal action over leaked Tomb Raider script

The developer practically confirmed the correctness of the previously published information

Last weekend, alleged details of a new Tomb Raider storyline that would bring a Lara Croft is more mature and is training a new team of explorers. While Crystal Dynamics has not confirmed any of the leaked details, it has launched a series of legal actions that indicate that The material was really real.

The company started a DMCA takedown lawsuit against Sacred Symbols podcast’s Patreon, responsible for leaking game details. Vehicle members would have access to a A preliminary script created by the developer which was used as the basis of the disclosed information.

In response to the Company’s actions, The podcast posted a new video on YouTube commenting on the case, saying the DMCA is overreach. According to host Colin Moriarty, Crystal Dynamics wants to remove the audio of the team commenting on the new game, something will violate the right to “fair use” of informationwhich deserve disclosure because they are in the public interest.

The leak could affect the acquisition by Embracer Group

The developer’s decision to issue a removal order It may be related to the process of its acquisition by the Embracer Group. Since any confidential information may affect the progress of the process, the company (and Square Enix) will be ready Take drastic steps to ensure that your business is not affected by any means.

During the podcast audio Already removed from Sacred Symbols Patreon, it remains available on YouTube and other platforms hosting the podcast. So far, few details are known about the new Tomb Raider, except that It was developed by the core team at Crystal Dynamics and will use Unreal Engine 5.

According to the leak, Lara Croft will not be the only protagonist of the sequel, which may have squad management elements. However, it is unclear if the title will directly continue the narrative line of the three most recent games in the series or not More freedom in how you display your events.


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