Criminal Enterprises arrives on July 26

Rockstar Games has announced that The Criminal Enterprises, the next major update for GTA Online, will be released on July 26 across all platforms. With improvements, new game modes, vehicles, collectibles and seasonal special events, the update will have the largest batch of content added since the contract.

Regardless of player level and experience, The Criminal Enterprises provides conditions for a variety of audiences to enjoy the map’s activities. The update will expand Executive Business and make all levels of missions available in private sessions – invite only, command and friends.

Source: Rockstar

Lupe, the new staff manager, will be responsible for finding Muamba and filling out the executive office deposits. Shipments will be delivered daily and can also be found through Find missions, which will increase the catalog of alternatives and activities listed at the same time.

Motorcycle workshop locations will be expanded at no additional cost and will allow modification of the user’s vehicles for GTA$ and RP. Profits can also be increased with two new motorcycle club contracts available in the meeting room. Additionally, the bar refill event will be responsible for keeping visitors happy and converting consumption into money.

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Source: Rockstar

Meanwhile, arms dealers will be able to purchase more GTA$ through daily deliveries and supply missions, as they call Agent 14, and increase research progress in GTA Online. Nightclub owners will have new product location quests, nightclub quests and the ability to escort unheard VIPs.

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Other highlights of The Criminal Enterprises include Operation John and Mary for one to four participants, where each acts as a special agent and must investigate tycoons, two new cars for Iman, and power plants to inspect in Los Santos. Cars will be improved with more customization options and improved handling.

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Source: Rockstar

Rockstar also confirmed that the GTA Online update will add improvements to the overall experience, such as tweaks to homing missiles and the Oppressor Mk II, a new health regeneration system, and more. There will also be changes to race events and opponent modes, loot, security, associate members, MC members, and more.

More details on gameplay and balance will be released in the coming days.

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