Cricket 22 developer uses blinking screens and endless rain to control those who play pirates

Small Big Ant Studios have come up with alternative ways to harm those who buy their games illegally

Responsible for niche game developers such as Cricket 22 And AO Tennis 2Developer Big Ant Studios He is known for how he treats those who pirate his games. Instead of betting on complicated security methods – and which usually fall apart in a short time -, The company decided to troll those who buy the product unofficially.

If Cricket 22For example, the company introduced a A system where the game screen flashes white between matchesIt causes inconvenience to pirates. In addition, protecting against anti-piracy means ensuring this 100% of discarded coins are lost And force players to always start shooting.

When the time comes to strike and score, The company is activating the “infinite rain” mode of the pirate game. As can be the case with sports matches, this leads to the cancellation of the active game, sending players from the illegitimate version to the main screen of the game.

Big Ant Games wants to have fun with pirates

The “special effects” created by the developer directly affect their Steam community pages where Many people who play the pirate game complain about what is happening. Ross Simon, founder and CEO of Big Ant Studios, said the company has bet on differentiated solutions such as A way to entertain yourself with illegitimate copies of your games.

I thought if people were going to steal the game, we might as well have fun at their expense.“- Simmons explained to Kotaku. He explains that The company has a “panel” with side effects And that, having taken action, Sales of the Cricket 22 increased by 300% Thanks to those who decided to turn the game into a legitimate copy.

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Among the transitional elements is the fact that, however Pirated versions The game brings problems, they allow you to keep the acquired progress in a properly licensed title. On Twitter, Simmons joked about the situation and said he loves to fight those who resort to piracy.Where it is said that the society is dedicated to him now “It’s not as difficult as the days gone by“And in a few days he refuses to act.


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Source: Kotaku


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