Corsair predicts that people will start creating computers again after GPU prices fall

Corsair predicts that people will start creating computers again after GPU prices fall

The company notes that the trend should start in the second half of 2022

California hardware maker Corsair predicts for computer hardware lovers Reassemble your computers from the second half of 2022. The recent drop in CPU and GPU prices will encourage people to go back to the “game” of building their cars. According to Corsair, the trend will intensify by 2022 and reach a peak in 2023.

We expect CPUs and GPUs to reach more reasonable prices, we will see an increase in PC self-assembly activities in 2022 and the second half of 2023. – Andy Paul, CEO of Corsair

Prices for various hardware such as the Ryzen 9 5950X processor and multiple GeForce RTXs such as the 3090 and 3080 Ti are falling in different sectors of the market. Corsair CFO Michael G. Potter notes that the first quarter of 2022 marked the last moment of hardware pricing problems.

In addition, the arrival of new products on the market, such as the AMD Ryzen 7000 line, along with the stabilization of the price of old equipment, should further intensify the price drop. A survey conducted by the 3D Center in April, which follows the German and Austrian markets, indicates that prices Video cards from NVIDIA and AMD have reached the best level of the last seven months. The trend indicates that prices are gradually approaching the price offered by the manufacturer (MSRP).

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The company published its expectations for the future in its 2022 fiscal first quarter financial results report. Corsair announced a 23.7% increase over the year (year-on-year), contributing to a 23.4% increase in net income. Andy Paul comments that although the company has encountered “Opposite winds“Due to the difficult market situation caused by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the company continues to monitor the positive growth trends in the equipment market.

The CEO notes that: “We grew by 77% from the first quarter of 2020 to the first quarter of 2022 [….]I believe the peripheral market will continue to grow at an annual rate of 20% to 25%Everything makes us think that due to the news spread about the hardware sector, there will be better times and more “accessible” for those who are building a computer, after starting with so many complications. Pandemic ..


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Source: Tom’s Hardware, Business Wire


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