Confirmed! Xbox 360 games will no longer be distributed by Games With Gold

Update (07/05/2022) – GS

Rumors surfaced this Tuesday morning (05) that Microsoft will stop distributing Xbox 360 games through the Games with Gold program starting in October of this year.

After a while, the rumor was confirmed and even Brazilian Xbox Live Gold subscribers started to hear about the news.

While the platform only revealed that the service will continue to distribute free Xbox One games every month, it’s unclear whether we’ll have three Xbox One games to deliver 360 games, or just one game per month starting in October. .

It’s not new that Games with Gold free games have become the subject of controversy, as many fans were unhappy with the titles offered by the service, or because they are lesser-known games or even previously released titles.

While Live Gold isn’t Microsoft’s main focus, the company still wants to keep players paying for the service, and the monthly free games have been its biggest draw.

Do you think it’s fair for Microsoft to continue charging to play online?

Original text – 07/05/2022

Xbox 360 games may stop distributing Games With Gold this year

At the end of June, several players expressed their displeasure with the games distributed on Games With Gold, which is available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Many were outraged by the July 2022 headlines announcement, even asking Microsoft to cancel the service for good.

It looks like the Redmond giant could soon make a big change to Games With Gold, removing Xbox 360 titles from its distribution list.

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In an email shared online to Xbox Live Gold subscribers, Microsoft reveals that it has “reached the limit” of its ability to add Xbox 360 games to the service’s catalog, causing them to stop being distributed as of October of this year. . Xbox 360 games downloaded by Games with Gold until October 2022 will remain in the player’s library.

According to user Wario64, who often shares gaming news and promotions, posted a screenshot of an email regarding this Games With Gold announcement.

Starting October 1, 2022, monthly games delivered to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold subscribers through Games with Gold will no longer include Xbox 360 titles.

We’ve reached the limit of our ability to bring Xbox 360 games to the backlog, but Games with Gold will continue to offer amazing Xbox One titles and exclusive offers every month.

It’s still unclear how Microsoft plans to update the service after this change, as it means no more than two games a month. Will it switch to releasing three Xbox One games per month or just one?

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