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Genshin Impact, like almost all gacha-style games (although it’s still a decent RPG), still forces the player to achieve more difficult objectives dependent on characters and synergies.

therefore Enemy Prepared a complete list of all HoYoverse game characters, their features and items from RPG version 3.0.

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Tier SS

The characters are, for the most part, very rare, but they work in almost any composition and make a huge impact.

  • Ayaka – DPS/Cryo
  • Bennett – Support/Piro
  • Hu Tao – DPS/Pyro
  • Kazuha – Support/Anemo
  • Kokom – Support/Hydro
  • Raiden Shogun – DPS/Electro
  • Xiangling – Secondary/Person DPS
  • Xingqiu – Secondary/Hydro DPS
  • Yelan – Secondary/Hydro DPS
  • Juggle – Support/Geo

Tier S

Some characters are still rare and all remain powerful, but at a more “controllable” level than those listed in the SS tier.

  • Albedo – Secondary/Geo DPS
  • Ayato – DPS/Hydro
  • Childe (Tartaglia) – DPS/Hydro
  • Diona – Support/Cryo
  • Eula – DPS/Cryo
  • Fischl – Used/Electric DPS
  • Ganyu – DPS/Cryo
  • Gorou – Support/Geo
  • Heizou – Secondary DPS/Anemo
  • Itto – DPS/Geo
  • Jean – support/anemo
  • Kuki Shinobu – backing/electric
  • Slave – Support/Hydro
  • Sarah – backing/electric
  • Shenhe – Support/Cryo
  • Sucrose – support/anemo
  • Tignar – DPS/Dendro
  • Traveler (Dendro) – Support / Dendro
  • Venti – Used DPS/Anemo
  • Yoimiya – DPS/Pyro
  • Yun Jin – Support/Geo

Tier A

There are more four-star characters here and easier to get. It’s still possible to build good teams from here, but it’s probably possible to build the lineups mentioned in the previous tiers as well.

  • Beidou – Secondary/Electric DPS
  • Collie – Support / Dendro
  • Deluxe – DPS/Pyro
  • Dori – Backing/Electro
  • Keqing – DPS/Electro
  • Clea – DPS/Pyro
  • Qiqi – support/cryo
  • Rosaria – Support/Cryo
  • Sayu – support/anemo
  • Traveler (Electro) – Support’/Electro
  • Xiao – DPS/Anemo
  • Yae Miko – Secondary/Electric DPS
  • Yanfei – DPS/Pyro

Tier B

  • Barbara – Support/Hydro
  • Chongyun – Support / Cryo
  • Ningguang – DPS/Geo
  • Noelle – DPS/Geo
  • Thomas – DPS/Pyro

Tier C

  • Kaeya – Secondary/Cryo DPS
  • Lisa – Secondary/Electric DPS
  • Shaver – DPS/Electro
  • Xinyan – support/personal

It’s also important to understand what each feature is about, DPS, support and the like. In this case:

  • DPS: The team’s main source of damage, a character designed to take ally buffs and deal as much damage as possible;
  • Secondary DPS: The vast majority of combos in Genshin Impact are built around two ways of dealing damage, the secondary DPS comes into play if it is more suited to combat than the main DPS or has abilities that can only be used when the character itself is present. Valley ;
  • Support: Not necessarily just healers and the like, but characters whose abilities help others recover energy, deal more damage, or have more stamina.

It should also be noted that this tiered list was prepared based on personal opinions and also on the organization of the portal. GenshinHoyoverse’s largest online source for RPG information.

This list will be updated as Genshin Impact updates, so check back to see where the new characters are allocated.

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Albedo image in Genshin effect


A picture of Beidou under the influence of Genshin


A picture of Barbara under the influence of Genshin


A picture of Kaya under the influence of Genshin



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