Come, which removes restrictions from Elden Ring Cooperation, is in open beta

It is possible to play the whole game without any restrictions

The Elden Ring co-op suffers from the same restrictions as other FromSoftware games, though with a bit more free because of the huge map. But the moderators worked to eliminate this limitation. Named “Seamless Coop”, Modi removes any restrictions on the Elden Ring Cooperative and is in open beta mode and can be downloaded from the Nexus Mod.

This mode turns the Elden Ring into a cooperative game from start to finish. Sure, it’s still in development, but the open beta is exactly what players need to find and report bugs found. The video above shows the player using a unit that asks “Open a map for travelers / wanderers?”.

Just a simple “yes” and a fully open collaboration will come out. The players have Shared Rewardscan Use the free points togetherIt is possible Watch another player after his deathFights any head together, AvFast travel and map markup are sharedIn addition to acceptance Go with your friend And go to places where the game does not allow cooperation.

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If you’ve ever tried one of FromSoftware’s title games, you’ll know the frustration of limiting the time allowed to run with another player. For example, in Three Dark Souls it is impossible to summon anyone in the region where the boss is defeated. You need specific items and be part of a specific agreement.

In the Elden Ring this does not change much. In addition to making things much easier to call and call, in addition to having much larger places to walk with someone. However, one can not wear, use grace, go to the hub (round table), places that are not allowed in the cooperative, and so on.

It is not necessary to go offline to activate the modification, as in any other mode, as the check that comes with the mod will prevent detection by the EAC (Easy anti-cheat). According to PC Gamer, who tested Modi, it was very easy to install and the whole Modi worked very well.


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Via: PC Gamer


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