‘COD MW2’ bets on Latin America to surpass its predecessor – 10/25/2022 – Illustrated

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“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2,” scheduled for release on Friday (28), has a tough mission to outdo its predecessor. Launched in 2019, the reboot “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” is currently the most successful game in Activision’s traditional FPS (first-person shooter) franchise, earning more than $1 billion. 16 billion) and sold more than 30 million copies in one. year.

To achieve this, the sequel bets on punctual gameplay changes (so as not to alienate fans of the original title) and a new setting: Latin America. Much of the “COD: MW2” campaign takes place in Mexico, where a team of elite soldiers from the series teams up with Mexican Special Forces Colonel Alejandro Vargas to fight a drug cartel with ties to a terrorist group.

However, the series has a history of controversy with the countries represented in its games. Such was the case with the 2019 title, which was accused of being “Russophobic” due to its depiction of the Russian military, leading Sony to decide not to sell the PlayStation version of the game on its virtual store in the country.

A problem that Mexican Rodrigo Perez, senior manager of the franchise in Latin America, believes will not be repeated this year. “We have people in the studio who work in Mexico. They had a lot of discussions and were concerned about how to represent the country,” he said in an interview. paper.

“We have very high expectations for Latin America. We know that the community is very demanding, especially customers in Brazil. We are going to do a lot of things that we have never done in the franchise region and we are very excited about it. You will see everything soon.”

The 2019 reboot of “COD: Modern Warfare” was a huge success. What are the expectations for this sequel? Of course they are bigger. “Modern Warfare” is a franchise that has changed the way FPS’s are viewed since the first game was released in 2007. It changed the status of these games in the industry. Doing the reset was risky. We know this is one of the most beloved franchises for fans who have been playing “COD” for many years, but we also believe it’s good to take a chance.

The reboot, despite bringing back the original characters, tells a different story. The fictional conflicts of the “COD” universe have changed, and so has the franchise in the last two or three years. We released “Warzone” a few months after “COD: MW” and the franchise now has a different look, another way to bring that content to the community. We love the new way the community is playing COD. So the expectation is very high now.

The goal, above all, is to deliver what the fans have come to expect. We know that “Modern Warfare” is not just any game in the industry. We want improvements and little tweaks and changes that we make to keep the game fresh for people, and with that… well, success is the result.

The market is changing and today we have very popular free FPS including COD: Warzone. Do you think this could detract from the success of “Modern Warfare 2”? What else does the title give the customer to make the purchase worth it? We have taken great care to make Modern Warfare 2 a perfect product. We want to make the wait for “Call of Duty”, “Modern Warfare” worthwhile. We have a campaign that takes a big risk, it changes a lot from the previous title. Multiplayer mode with several maps, lots of weapons, different ways to play.

We believe that the value is in people playing the way they want to play with their friends and it connects people. Ultimately, what we’re looking for with “Modern Warfare 2” and “COD” in general is to connect the community so that they have the best experience possible and reduce the hours of waiting to buy the game. game. With a campaign that makes you say, “Wow, I really liked that.” And then to keep players engaged during the seasons, with new multiplayer maps… there will always be something new. This is the value and time we want to give back to the community.

The game went through an open beta testing period in September. What did you think of the fans’ reception to this first contact? This was our most successful beta yet, with more hours played, more people connected. We had a lot to test, new maps, some improvements, changes… People who play “Modern Warfare” are very demanding. They demand perfection in every detail. The sound of the gun, the way the camera pans as the character crouches…

There were some very subtle changes from the previous game to this game and already in the beta people noticed. For example, a new jump that is a forward jump. The camera should behave as if the player falls on the chest. We were very interested in how the community would receive these changes.

Changes should happen gradually, so it doesn’t change the fans. Sometimes a sequel improves gameplay not because you add 10,000 things. The player should feel that the new game is an evolution, not a change. I think in this case, from the feedback we got, people liked the changes. We’re glad to hear that. Now the expectation is high.

“Modern Warfare 2” marks the return of the “COD” franchise to the Steam store after five years. What changed during that time? When we released Modern Warfare [em 2019] We chose the cross-play option because we wanted people to be able to play online with each other, no matter what platform. Now that the game is available on Steam, people have even more options. We know that this is a giant platform, very important in Latin America. We’re just giving the community another option to play Modern Warfare 2.

Has the outbreak of war in Ukraine changed the game development or promotion strategy? “COD” is a work of fiction. We are not trying to show the reality nor any conflict that exists on the planet. We believe that the community also sees “COD” in this way as a fictional game. We have many advisors and do a lot of research to develop the game.

This year, a large part of the campaign is taking place in Mexico. We have studio staff working in Mexico. They had many discussions and were concerned about how to portray the country. We’ve never had as much content in any Latin American country as we’ll see from Mexico this year. We are trying to create a representation that is very respectful and at the same time interesting for the players, but this is also a fiction. Ultimately, the purpose of Modern Warfare 2 is to entertain the public.

Aton. Do you believe this will help increase sales of the game in Latin America? We have very high expectations for Latin America. We know that the community is very demanding, especially the customers in Brazil. We’re going to do a lot of things that we’ve never done before in the franchise region, and we’re really looking forward to seeing them soon. We have very good surprises not only for Mexico and Brazil, but for the whole of Latin America.

Many people see games like the “COD” series as promoting a culture that glorifies guns and violence. Like Mr. Will you meet this criticism? The game is rated for adults and like I said is entertaining. It’s no different than a TV series or a movie. This is the main purpose, entertainment. We are not trying to glorify violence in any way.


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  • After urging fans to boycott “Bayonetta 3” and saying he was only offered $4,000 to work on the game, This was announced by voice actress Helena Taylor on Twitter That the initial offer he received was actually $15,000. After that offer was rejected, the game’s developer PlatinumGames reportedly offered $4,000 for a small bet.
  • Eight years after the release of The Sims 4, Electronic Arts has announced that it is developing a new game in the series. Titled “Project Rene,” the new game is in the early stages of development and has no release date. Still, the company showed fans some of the stuff they’re working on at the “Behind The Sims Summit” virtual event.
  • Netflix vice president Mike Verdu said the company is “seriously thinking about offering cloud gaming” in the future. The announcement was made during an interview with the CEO at TechCrunch Disrupt and marks a change in the company’s current project for games, which is focused exclusively on mobile games. Netflix also announced that it will open a new game studio in California headed by Chacko Son, who worked at Blizzard as an executive producer on “Overwatch.”
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