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During the Steam Next Fest event, French publisher NACON and Chilean development studio ACE Team announced the demo release of the adventure game Clash: Artifacts of Chaos. PC players around the world will have the chance to explore the exotic lands of the Zenozoic, face monsters of unusual appearance and challenge experienced opponents in hand-to-hand combat.

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos is an action-adventure game that is unique in terms of gameplay and art direction. Visually, the title has a style that has become a signature of the ACE team (Rock of Ages, The Eternal Cylinder), whose original designs range from unusual to extravagant.

Photo: ACE Team/Nacon

In terms of gameplay, players will be able to unleash all the brutality of the protagonist, Pseudo, through third-person combat. Moving from the traditional ‘exchange’ boxing stance to more original forms such as the Claw, which allows you to destroy opponents with just your hands, there are five fighting styles available in the demo. Battle experience can be increased with various special moves that will be released after defeating powerful creatures. After meeting certain conditions, players will be able to switch to a first-person perspective to deliver a series of devastating blows before finishing them off with a decisive specialty. This brutal action will impress the players and leave an unforgettable mark on the bodies of the enemies!

Photo: ACE Team/Nacon

In addition to the exploration and combat aspects, Clash: Artifacts of Chaos differs from other action-adventure titles due to a unique mechanic: ritual. Based on a dice game where each player enters with artifacts filled with special properties, the results obtained in this ancient tradition determine the rules of combat, from the ability to use a weapon to the obligation to take the first strike without reacting. . No one has the right to ignore the verdict of the ritual! To survive, players must collect powerful artifacts to disrupt their opponent’s tactics.

Photo: ACE Team/Nacon

The Clash: Artifacts of Chaos demo is now available on Steam. The final version of the game will be released for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Steam and Epic platforms in February 2023.

Click to download the Clash: Artifacts of Chaos demo on Steam

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