Chinese gamers have been using Steam’s Wallpaper Engine to create and distribute pornography

No wonder the app has emerged as one of the most “playable”

If you look at the SteamDB home page, you’ll see that the Wallpaper Engine app took the position among the most “played”.. Strangely enough, this happened because Chinese users were using the app Creating, distributing and viewing pornographyContent that has been illegal in China since 1997.

Wallpaper Engine is a very popular app on Steam, it costs BRL 9.99 and has over 500,000 reviews with a 98% rating. In it you can create wallpapers as the name suggests. Be it a still image or even a short video with sound. These abilities allow them to create what they want.

According to a survey by MIT Technology, the app has Over 1.6 million pieces of content Submitted by users. The vast majority of anime characters or even game animations, but Of this total, 7.5% is marked as adult content and contains pornographic videos of characters and real people having explicit sex.

The Chinese are the biggest users of the app

The MIT review says that since the app’s launch, More than 200,000 reviews are of Chinese origin and almost all of them talk only about pornography. Steam is one of the few international platforms still operating in China, although it is still restricted and through Wallpaper Engine users of the platform are using the platform for practices prohibited by law in the country.

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MIT’s evaluation of the use of the application The Chinese make up 40% of the global consumer base. “It was at least two or three years ago that it went viral. I was confused why the app was always at the top of the top 10 most played games. Do people like to change wallpapers so often?” , comments from a Chinese consumer interviewed by MIT. Zhou did not release his full name out of concern for his privacy.

Roblox has made several concessions with the Chinese government and is expected to be hacked

A Chinese website even interviewed the people behind Wallpaper Engine three years ago. At the time, the site asked about users watching this type of content, and the developers just laughed and said, “What’s wrong with that?”. “You can upload anything to it, even these crazy videos […]”.

MIT Technology Review believes that the phenomenon will not last long because app users are worried about interference from Chinese regulatory agencies. Now that the world press is talking about it, the Chinese government must be aware of the situation.


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Via: Kotaku Source: MIT Technology


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