Chile pierced with intent to establish Ecuador in the World Cup

The intention of Chile to expose the South American, Ecuadorian, from the World Cup fragmented the world, when a disciplinary panel of the football world rector body recaptured an advertisement that Ecuador had allied itself with a southern non-Ecuadorian part. .

Byron Castillo turned his back on the lathe, because Chile is not the only nation born in Colombia, which only has more than one figure in the documents that identifies it as equatorial. The Chilean Football Federation represents the registration of documents, includes certificates in Nacimento, que, según dijo, respaldaban su reclamación.

In accordance with the norms of FIFA, the alignment of a player can not easily be placed on the curtain of any number in which the football player participates.

Equatorial quadratic place in the eliminators of the continent, with the acquisition of one of four automatic car parks in South America for the World Cup. But Chile was surprised that Ecuador split the eyes of the classifiers in which Castillo participated, and that their rivals in these concentrators recovered three points per game. The Chilean functionaries have calculated that the exchange formula is the result of the classification in South America and the Chilean World Cup in Ecuador.

FIFA considers that its functionaries have analyzed all the presentations of all the parties involved in the case – including the inclusion of Peru, which competes in an international classification of the moon by one of the Cathars of Ecuador. Defendant.

Chile dijo que apelaría el fallo.

“Estamos consternados con la decisión”, by Dio Eduardo Carletzo, representing the Federation of Chile. “It is an enormous number of people, especially from Colombia as well as from Ecuador, who demonstrates without hesitation that the South is a national in Colombia. For the sake of it, we appeal and hope that the essential evidences are considered in its totality ”.

Football Equatorial Federation Broadcast a newsletter despised that Chile presented its demand in May, in that it found that it was classified as “rumored infantry” by Castillo, who knew that the equatorial wind was blowing in the legal and sporting sense.

“We categorically categorize intentionally those who claim to avoid participating in the Catar Football World Cup 2022, who have the legitimate right to take part in it”, said the federation.

Castillo’s successors, however, continued to ask various questions, arguing that a large investigation of the Amplitude unambiguously analyzes the records of the equators in Ecuador’s analysis of cases and dios taking into account the south-south winds7. Troubleshooting an error that could easily cause Ecuador’s wait in the World Cup to be over, those responsible for the national football federation applauded Castillo’s incorporation into Castillo’s selection.

Hace dos agos, de hecho, the president of a special commission of inquiry under the federation suggest that Castillo was the Colombian, even that Chilean functionaries argue that the Habibans are corrupt.

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