Check out the return of the classic Radical Rex

Drops de Jogos received official information from Brazilian QUByte. Check out the return of the classic Radical Rex and learn more about this game.

QUbyte Interactive, in partnership with PIKO Interactive, is pleased to announce the classic game, radical rex (QUbyte classic) which will be available on September 8 For Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X.

Radical Rex is a classic adventure/platform game featuring a fire-breathing tyrannosaurus on a skateboard that aims to save the dinosaur race from being cast by an evil creature.

Rex Can slide, breathe fire and punch to defeat enemies, jump, swing on vines and roar to shake things up! He will go through different wild places such as jungles, scary forests, haunted cemeteries, caves full of piranhas and even inside a dinosaur!

There is no rest Rex – Because he is very Radical Extinction!

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Check out the return of the classic Radical Rex. Photo: Reproduction

Game features

  • 10 stages in the prehistoric period
  • Fast and dynamic game
  • Enchanting soundtrack
  • Amazing enemies and bosses
  • 16-bit and portable versions

For more information, join the Discord community and follow QUbyte on Twitter.

Official page

YouTube trailer

as for QUbyte interactive

QUbyte is the largest developer and publisher of console games in Latin America. Our goal is to grow the industry by partnering to port and publish games previously classified as limited access to all available platforms.

About PIKO Interactive

The developer and publisher focused on releasing retro video games and bringing them to today’s consoles and PCs.

Read more at GAME DROPS

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