Check out the PlayStation Store releases between July 24 and 30, 2022

July 24

Jumping Brown: TURBO (PS4, PS5) – July 24

Join BIG B on his exciting journey through the kitchen and make him jump! Enjoy colorful comic graphics accompanied by atmospheric music.

Jump the muzzle (PS4, PS5) – July 24

Like every summer vacation, Bump went to the family farm, but got lost on the way. Help Bump find the right way back to the farm and maybe he won’t be late for dinner.

Football T (PS4, PS5) – July 24

Slide the ball to become the best soccer player in the world.

July 26

A Story of Seasons: Pioneers of the City of Olives (PS4) – July 26

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is a fascinating adventure from the original farming simulation series that brings eager explorers to Olive Town, a quaint seaside community on the edge of an unruly frontier, where they’ll work to restore your grandfather’s ruined home. . They will clear land, repair old objects and place new ones where they see fit, improve their farming skills and create a variety of decorations and tools, from fences and automatic cattle feeders to crop sprinklers. And while it may seem like a sleepy neighborhood at first, Olive Town is home to dozens of unique characters to befriend when players are ready to relax and build their dream farm.

MultiVersus (PS4, PS5) – July 26

MultiVersus is a battle platformer that lets you team up or challenge your friends using some of the world’s most iconic characters, including Batman, Shaggy, Superman, Bugs Bunny and more. Use unique co-op skills, find your favorite fighting combinations and save the Multiverse!

July 27

Train Valley: Console Edition (PS4) – July 27

Build railways to connect cities, tunnels and bridges. New railways are cheap when placed in empty fields, but can be expensive when destroying forests, villages and other existing structures. Manage the growing traffic by building switches and bypasses to allow multiple trains to run simultaneously without interruption. Stay accident-free at crucial moments by precisely controlling the trains using planning pause (you can build the railway and plan the trains while the game is paused).

Burnt Heaven (PS4, PS5) – July 27

Get ready to blast your enemies with as much firepower as you can carry! The motto in this side-scrolling survival game is: hunt or be hunted! Arsonist Heaven is a platform game presented in retro pixel art style. Take on the role of a hunter equipped with a fireproof suit and jet as you travel through different biomes, from forests and icy mountains to deserts and volcanic caves. But be careful! Each level is full of enemies. Some monsters attack with brute force, while others use melee weapons or magic projectiles. To balance the scales, you will have to resort to the original arsenal of firearms, firearms and others. When you run out of ammo, don’t forget to have another weapon handy or you’re cannon fodder! A jetpack can be your lifesaver, but fuel is limited. You will have to perform a brutal exercise in resource balancing to survive the opposition!

Way of the Titans (PS4, PS5) – July 27

Path of Titans is an open world MMO adventure featuring over 25 species of dinosaurs that inhabit the realms of the Titans. Including over 100,000 cosmetic skin variations, unique traits and abilities for each dinosaur subspecies, the newly revealed islands of the Gondwa map and available to play today, get ready for endless adventures to take you wherever your dinosaur imagination takes you. Light. Explore your Jurassic dinosaurs with friends as you level up the species and discover even more creatures and maps available from Community Mods. Survive, explore, fight and thrive in player vs player and player vs enemy as you rank up your skill slots, side quests and change cosmetic skins in the Gondwa Islands and Panjura Highlands.

Destruction (PS5) – July 27

Annihilation is a ‘Twin Stick Shooter’ – a game that uses two analog sticks to control – set in a set of small planets, some of which you can transform throughout the game. In it, your enemies and even the environment around you can be used to damage your opponents thanks to your sword, a weapon that can be thrown at other players or used on almost any object around you. You follow the adventures of a pilot and his partner as they brave space on a quest to return to their home galaxy after getting lost while investigating a great mystery. As the story progresses, you will discover that the arrival of our heroes in the mysterious galaxy was not accidental, and the only solution is to use the legendary “destruction” of the galaxy.

July 28

A lost epic (PS4, PS5) – July 28

LOST EPIC is a 2D side-scrolling action RPG about the war between the gods and humanity. The player becomes an anti-god knight, a god slayer, and explores the world known as the Sanctum in order to bring the Pantheon of Six to its knees.

on Sunday (PS4) – July 28

An experimental, minimalist style action/adventure game. Actions of the heroine: slow attack, which also acts as an interaction; Quick dash for short invincibility.

Puzzletronics Digital Infinite (PS4) – July 28

Puzzletronics: Digital Infinite is a minimalist puzzle game. The player must move pieces to create logical patterns while relaxing and listening to a soothing soundtrack. Challenge yourself through 135 different levels of varying difficulty, learn the behavior of logic gates and digital logic. The game has intuitive gameplay that does not require tutorials.

LootLite (PS4, PS5) – July 28

Dragons steal everything they find…that’s what the new inhabitants of this peculiar peninsula discover as soon as they arrive. You have to help all these hapless heroes recover all this stolen treasure… Lootlite is a bike brand in which you can choose from seven different heroes to fight against hordes of enemies and try to recover the stolen treasure. Travel across a huge peninsula with different levels full of secrets, hidden paths and all kinds of weapons.

July 29

Digimon Survive (PS4) – July 29

Digimon Survive sends players into a mysterious world filled with dangerous monsters and deadly battles that will challenge their survival skills. Taking on the role of protagonist Takuma Momozuka, players will be able to directly influence the outcome of this adventure through potentially difficult choices. This includes the way your Digimon evolve, the way they interact and the bonds they form with NPCs, and more.

RimWorld Console Edition (PS4) – July 29

RimWorld intelligently generates stories with one of 3 AIs that create stories through deep and complex systems. No colony or adventure will ever be exactly the same. Enjoy hours of unpredictable and sometimes brutally challenging strategy gameplay with RimWorld Console Edition. Create and develop primordial colonies in futuristic havens, defend them from rival factions, manage colonists with unique personalities, and more. You will face moral dilemmas and difficult decisions, creating unforgettable stories of triumph and loss.

A vengeful spirit (PS4, PS5) – July 29

Avenging Spirit was originally released for Arcade in May 1991. The game tells the story of a man who was tragically killed by a crime syndicate while he was with his girlfriend who was kidnapped by these evil agents. Now disguised as a ghost, he joins forces with his lover’s father, a paranormal investigator, to save his daughter Gennifer, but revenge is on his agenda. Ironically, a crime syndicate is investigating the phantom energy and their goal is to get the kidnapped girl’s father, an expert in the field, to cooperate and give them the information they so desperately want.

July 30

Jumping Taco: TURBO (PS4, PS5) – July 30

Join BIG T on his exciting journey through the kitchen and make him jump! Enjoy colorful comic graphics accompanied by atmospheric music.

Note: It’s worth noting that since Sony doesn’t publish an official list, we don’t officially know what’s coming to the PlayStation Store. That said, above is what we discovered by researching the topic. It’s likely that we’ll have a few more releases during the week, and there’s also a chance that the above games could be delayed without warning. Additionally, games marked PS4-only may end up on the same day as the PS5 version – just as titles marked PS4 and PS5 may only have one version released on the same day.

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