Check out the PlayStation Store releases between July 10 and 16, 2022

July 11

Frog (PS4, PS5) – July 11

You play as Frogo. Your goal is to harvest as many strawberries as possible, avoid obstacles and reach the final destination alive.

July 12

Kroot: Mythical Wings (PS4, PS5) – July 12

Krut: The Mythic Wings is a brutal 2D hack and slash platformer inspired by the 2018 Thai animated film Krut: The Himmaphan Warriors. Here you will have to follow the adventures of the warrior Garuda on the enchanted island of Himafan. In a world full of magical and mystical creatures, a ruthless army of ogres has invaded Garuda’s territory. Garuda’s army was defeated and the capital fell. After all the destruction and despair, the wounded warrior finds himself on the enchanted island of Himafan, meeting a mysterious figure who entrusts him with an artifact: the mythical wings. According to legend, the legendary hero used his wings during the Great War, hundreds of years ago, and restored peace to the land. Now a new adventure begins.

Time on Frog Island (PS4, PS5) – July 12

A terrible storm destroys the seas around you, throwing your ship against the impressive cliffs of the island. Do you wake up with your ship completely destroyed and on a strange island… full of frogs? A huge commercial network will take you to the four corners of the island, looking for materials to repair your boat. Discover a cast of friendly characters, solve challenging puzzles, find hidden treasures and more as you explore the world of time on Frog Island.

Hell (PS5) – July 12

Hellpoint is a dark and complex action RPG set in a highly atmospheric sci-fi world where the lines between science and the occult are blurred. Irid Novo Station, once a glorious example of human achievement, is now destroyed, completely overrun by evil interdimensional beings, and controlled by the will of malevolent cosmic gods. You are a creation of a mysterious author who has been formed and sent to investigate Irid Novo to find out the series of unholy events that led to this strange incident known as “The Fusion”.

The Quest for Excalibur: Puy du Fo (PS4) – July 12

Twice awarded “World’s Best Theme Park”, Pui Du Fou is getting ready to welcome explorers to PC and consoles for a timeless adventure. Your mission will be to collect the 15 pieces of the legendary sword Excalibur, the only artifact that has the power to free King Arthur. Explore every corner of the theme park, travel through time and conquer all the challenges to save King Arthur from a tragic fate. Everyone knows the legend of gentle Arthur and his rival Lancelot. Consumed with jealousy, Lancelot challenged the king to a duel. During the battle, King Excalibur’s sword breaks into pieces. After making a deal with the evil Morgan, Arthur decides to throw the remains of the sword into the murky waters. Arrested, the king takes the kingdom of Avalon captive.

July 13

Rayland (PS4, PS5) – July 13

The people of Reiland use the energy of Domus to survive. To channel this energy, they use the Reflectus, a device that reflects light beams into another domus. Your mission is to help the people of Reiland channel the Domus energy through various obstacles. To achieve this, you need to rotate and correctly position the reflector so that the energy rays reach the required domus. Rayland includes several puzzles where you have to project a beam of light into an isometric game space. Both sender and receiver are fixed. You need to place a reflector panel to direct the light beam. The game is simple but challenging. Can you solve all the levels?

The story of whiskey (PS4, PS5) – July 13

Become one of the biggest whiskey companies in the world in this fascinating story of a young entrepreneur with a small dream.

July 14

Superola Champion Edition (PS4, PS5) – July 14

Superola Champion Edition is a challenging runner-style platform adventure where you must guide a hamburger-loving llama to defeat the hotdog aliens and retrieve the stolen hamburgers… before they get cold! Explore 10 worlds with 70+ super challenging stages, unlock all the fantasy and secrets of the map, fight in boss battles, win bonus rounds and compete with 4 friends!

Mothmen 1966 (PS4) – July 14

Mothmen 1966 is the first in a series of interactive adventures: Pixel Pulps. Created by novelist Niko Saraintaris and artist Fernando Martínez Rupel, Pixel Pulps is a fusion of excellent writing with stunning illustrations inspired by mid-20th century pulp fiction and 1980s computer graphics. The first volume includes three games: Mothmen 1966, Bahn Varney Lake and Knights.

Escape Academy (PS4, PS5) – July 14

You have just arrived at the Escape Academy, a school where prospective students train to become masters of Escape Rooms. Play over a dozen handcrafted rooms designed by seasoned REAL LIFE escape room experts. Play Escape Academy alone or in two-player mode. Available in split screen for local and online play. Explore the campus of Escape Academy and meet the faculty, a diverse group of characters, each with a specialty in the art of escape. And with some secrets that can be revealed…

webs of spiders (PS4, PS5) – July 14

Warning! Warning! Terrible spider-dinosaur hybrids known as Spidersaurs are unleashed, and only you (and one other person in co-op) can stop them! Raised by InGest Corp to fight a world hunger for meat and bronco, the spiders are on the run, leaving two ex-tasters – officer Adrian and punk rocker Victoria – to use all their firepower. Intense shooting stages. Send bullets through a suffocating jungle, an infected lab, the center of a volcano, and more! The brutal food source also bites, but you can collect items, gain new abilities and destroy everything in your path to send these mutated monsters back to the Stone Age.

DC SuperPet League: The Adventures of Crypto and Ace (PS4) – July 14

Get ready to play as superdogs Krypto and Ice as they take to the skies and protect the streets of Metropolis in this movie-inspired rescue adventure! When the beloved hoods of Superman and Batman find out that Lex Luthor is going to kidnap the scumbags of Metropolis, these four-legged warriors don’t just sit back and watch. Then use Krypto’s Heat Vision and Arctic Bark powers or Ace’s Batarang attacks and shoulder shrugs to stop the evil Robot-Lex. Rescue the animals before they get trapped in LexCorp’s zoo and prepare for the final battle against Lex and his high-tech war suit. Luckily, being a super animal isn’t all about dogs: Pamper your furry friends at the Adoption Center to help them find forever homes and earn special rewards; Plus, spend time with friends Chip, Merton and PB to improve your superpowers. is that a bird over there is it a plane No, it’s DC Superpets!

July 15

Long live the queen (PS4, PS5) – July 15

Being a princess is not easy. Queenship is even more difficult. Especially when you’re only 14 and the reason you inherit the throne is because your mother’s life ended on time. Can you survive the coronation? Power is in hand now, and scheming bigwigs everywhere want a piece of you. Aggressive neighbors will take advantage of any weakness to push their boundaries at their own cost. And that’s not to mention the magical dangers that lie ahead… the choices you make will determine your legacy.

Two hundred ways (PS4) – July 15

200 treacherous levels and many more options offer “two hundred ways” to play. The goal is always to get the ball to the goal, but it gets a little harder as you level up and because there are more traps. There are many resources available to complete the levels, but your budget is limited. Use creative strategies to get ahead!

grind it! Remastered (PS4, PS5) – July 15

Pull off sick tricks and twisty combos on over 30 courses inspired by mountain bike culture, handcrafted by a solo developer who lives and breathes Mountain Bike! With fluid level design and addictive gameplay – every inch of the track will keep you going and coming back for more! A complete remake of “Shred!” 1” lovingly remastered from nowhere. “Fluid” level design based on “bomb” mechanics creates a fun, addictive and authentic MTB gaming experience. 30+ winding tracks inspired by video segments in the real world of MBT culture!

A house builder (PS4, PS5) – July 15

Become a one-man construction crew and build homes as simple as a simple African mud hut to as complex as a super-modern energy-saving architectural marvel. Let me take you on a journey around the world and experience the true architectural diversity. You will try to build a mud hut in Africa, an igloo in the Arctic, a Canadian house, a log cabin in Siberia, a traditional house made of bricks, air bricks or concrete and many, many more…
Each house consists of hundreds of elements that must be connected according to the building rules. See how construction technologies differ from each other. Learn how to use proper materials and procedures in the construction process.
Build houses brick by brick, element by element, from foundation to roof. Learn about different building structures, building materials, their characteristics and properties. Build simple structures from primitive materials, but also ultra-modern buildings with the latest technological discoveries. Use different tools according to situations and requirements. Improve your skills, use better equipment to be able to build complex structures quickly and efficiently.

July 16

Jumping Burger: TURBO (PS4, PS5) – July 16

Join BIG B on his exciting journey through the kitchen and make him jump! Enjoy colorful comic graphics accompanied by atmospheric music.

Note: It’s worth noting that since Sony doesn’t publish an official list, we don’t officially know what’s coming to the PlayStation Store. That said, above is what we found by researching the topic. It’s likely that we’ll have a few more releases during the week, and there’s also a chance that the games mentioned above will be delayed without warning. Additionally, games marked PS4-only may end up on the same day as the PS5 version – just as titles marked PS4 and PS5 may only have one version released on the same day.

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