Check out the PlayStation Store releases between August 7 and 13, 2022

August 7

Giraffe c (PS4, PS5) – August 7

A clicking adventure for you and your friends. Eat leaves with the main character of the game Giraffe G and eat all the leaves in the world!

Jump Jump (PS4, PS5) – August 7

Xump Jump is an exciting 2D platform game. The goal is to overcome all the obstacles and traps on the way and collect as many coins as possible. Good luck!

Jumping nuggets: TURBO (PS4, PS5) – August 7

Join BIG N on his exciting journey through the kitchen and make him jump! Enjoy colorful comic graphics accompanied by atmospheric music.

snow trip (PS4, PS5) – August 7

Join this snow journey, complete the snow in the car. Enjoy the graphics with the best music.

August 9

Two point campus (PS4, PS5) – August 9

Take your management simulation experience to the next level with Two Point Campus, the sequel to the best-selling Two Point Hospital. Build a university your way! It’s time to turn the gym upside down! Are you thirsty for knowledge? Or do you want to create an educational masterpiece? Two Point Campus is full of new creative tools to help you build the university of your dreams. For the first time ever, build in open space as you develop your amazing educational university environment, home to the nation’s most advanced learning facilities. Blaze the trails with new easy-to-use tools. Plant glorious collections of plants outside. Place benches and tennis courts. Build a cheeseball arena equipped with bleachers. The only limit is your imagination (and your in-game bank account).

Snow Trip: Nitro (PS4, PS5) – August 9

Join this snow trip with full snow car nitro. Enjoy the graphics with the best music.

August 10

A book quest (PS4, PS5) – August 10

Control a young man who witnesses the theft of his family’s magic book. His grandfather’s ghost visits him and sends him on a perilous journey to retrieve the book. Explore the surrounding villages and surrounding deserts, collect information from the villagers, strengthen your character with new weapons and equipment, find the book thieves and discover the whole truth! Book Quest is an action-adventure RPG in a retro pixel art style with cinematic cutscenes and dialogue. In this medieval fantasy, gameplay alternates between top-down and side-on perspectives. Dodge and execute melee attacks, collect key items, solve puzzles, use new equipment and enjoy unique mini-games as you travel through different locations on the map! It’s a nostalgic adventure for all ages, from veterans looking to relive a classic to beginners just taking their first steps.

DioField Chronicle (DEMO) (PS4, PS5) – August 10

DioField Chronicle is an epic story of honor and war set in a unique and beautiful world that combines medieval, modern and fantasy influences with a complex and innovative combat system. Battles in this game are real-time tactics with strategy and are determined by assessing the conditions on the battlefield and making decisive orders that enhance the strengths and weaknesses of your troops to gain an advantage over your enemies. Use different skills, classes and equipment to complete your quest.

Web blocks 2 (PS4, PS5) – August 10

Connect the same numbers and get the biggest tile you can get! Get the highest score and share with your friends!

August 11

An arcade paradise (PS4, PS5) – August 11

Welcome to Arcade Paradise, a combination of light driving simulation and retro 1990s arcade games. From cleaning toilets, picking gum and even washing, the road to Arcade Paradise isn’t easy, but the rewards and cash are worth it! Take on the role of Ashley and manage the day-to-day tasks of running a family laundry. Rebel against your father’s wishes and create an arcade that will provide the sleepy town of Grindstone with an exciting place to launder clothes, invest your profits and build your own arcade paradise! The more arcade machines you install, the more players will spend – there are over 35 full games to unlock! Remember, you don’t have time to beat car records – someone has to clean the bathroom and take out the trash!

Cult of the Lamb (PS4, PS5) – August 11

Cult of the Lamb puts the player in the role of a possessed lamb who is saved from destruction by an evil stranger and must repay his debt by recruiting loyal followers on his behalf. Create your own cult in the land of false prophets, explore mysterious and diverse regions to build a loyal community of forest worshipers and spread your word to become the one true cult.

Rumbleverse (PS4, PS5) – August 11

Rumbleverse is a new street brawl royale game where 40 people brawl and everyone can win. It’s all free. You will play with an exclusive Grapital City doll and fight your way to victory! Customize your fighter with hundreds of unique items to stand out from the crowd. Launch out of the cannon and land in the middle of the street to land on the arm! Choose where you’re going to land, but be careful: whether it’s in a corner or on top of a skyscraper, things get crazy and the battle is on! Jump from roof to roof and break crates to find weapons and upgrades. Each round is an opportunity to discover new techniques and advantages that will give you that little bit of power to reach the annals of glory.

August 12

Super Bullet Break (PS4) – August 12

Super Bullet Break is a unique strategic deck building game with a variety of cute and colorful characters (Bullets). Each is unique in its own way. Save online gaming from total destruction in a world where online multiplayer games have been taken over by angry AI! Can you save the world, defeat your enemies in strategic turn-based battles and win the Super Bullet Break?

Voyage (PS4, PS5) – August 12

Voyage is a cinematic adventure game that captures the essence of shared exploration. Whether you play alone or with a friend, the journey involves two survivors searching for answers to a long-forgotten past. Embark on a journey, uncover the mystery and find your way home together.

Game Jumping Noodles (PS4, PS5) – August 12

Join BIG N on his exciting journey through the kitchen and make him jump! Enjoy colorful comic graphics accompanied by atmospheric music.

Note: It’s worth noting that since Sony doesn’t publish an official list, we don’t officially know what’s coming to the PlayStation Store. That said, above is what we found by researching the topic. It’s likely that we’ll have a few more releases during the week, and there’s also a chance that the games mentioned above will be delayed without warning. Additionally, games marked PS4-only may end up on the same day as the PS5 version – just as titles marked PS4 and PS5 may only have one version released on the same day.

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