Check out how the Dead Space Remake compares to the original 2008 game

The game comes out in January on PC and next generation consoles

New gameplay trailer for Dead Space Remake It was released yesterday by EA Motive, the studio responsible for the game, reveals what we can expect from the remake of one of the biggest horror titles out there today. ElAnalistaDeBits channel, as always, It helps to see how much the new game evolves from the original in a side-by-side comparison.

From the first brief samples of how the new game looked, it was already possible to see that the project carries the essence of the original, but with the sophistication of modern technologies.

In the video above, it’s very clear that virtually the entire game has been reworked, from character modeling and elements in the scenario, mostly high-quality rendering, to new shadow and lighting effects, essential elements of the franchise.

Devs talk about the importance of the Dead Space remake

“First of all, we respect our heritage. We look at the original game with all respect. So the basics remain the same. However, we are making several improvements to the experience, both for new players and for those who have already played the franchise,” said senior producer Philip Ducharme in a post last week.

The creators of the Callisto protocol aren’t afraid of dead space comparisons

EA Motive’s intention is for even fans who already know Dead Space to “rediscover Dead Space as if it were the first time.” “It’s a historic game for a lot of people. And it has a legion of very dedicated fans. Many say it’s one of the best in the genre. So we wanted to make sure we understood what made it great and how we made it. May it continue,” He says, directed by Roman Campos-Oriola.

“Dead Space, the classic sci-fi survival horror, returns with a complete overhaul to deliver a deeper, more immersive experience. The remake features stunning visual fidelity, immersive audio and gameplay enhancements, while staying true to that thrilling vision of the original game.”

Dead Space Remake is now available for pre-order, costing BRL 249 on Steam, BRL 338.90 on PS5 and BRL 339.00 on Xbox Series X|S. The game still has a Deluxe Edition that costs R$399 on consoles and R$299 on Steam. The game arrives on January 27, 2023.

New dead space will occur in one sequence without loading screens

New dead space will occur in one sequence without loading screens
EA Motive promises that the game will only stop if the player dies


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Source: YouTube/ElAnalistaDeBits


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