Check out all the games through the demo available at ID @ Xbox Summer Game Fest

Lots of good games!

Demo games are available on the official Xbox website [email protected] Summer Game FestivalRevealed last week.

According to the Xbox, There will be over 34 demos On Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S with different titles [email protected]That is, from the developers India. You can play demos from today until June 27, so hurry up! You can download games through a special banner that appears on the Xbox. Check the list:

  • Another crusade (Dragon Vein Studios);
  • Act (Tiny Warrior Games);
  • Batora: The Lost Shelter (Stormind Games);
  • Combat cakes (Volcanic beans);
  • Boxing (Triomatic games);
  • Break the investigator (COWCAT);
  • Broken pieces (Experience elsewhere);
  • Despot game (Konfa Games);
  • Doodle God Evolution (JoyBits Games);
  • End – Extinction is forever (Herobeat Studios);
  • A weary man (Candleman Games);
  • Grid Force – Mask of the Goddess (Playtra Games);
  • Grotto (Brainwashing gang);
  • The lost ruins (Altar Games);
  • Metal: Hellsinger (Sunhammer AB / The Outsiders);
  • MUSYNX (MUSYNX Studio);
  • Numbers (Platnip);
  • Overpass: Rhythm Roadtrip (Studio Bean);
  • Exaggerated (EXE-CREATE);
  • Polyphonic (Wayfarer Games);
  • Recall (maitan69);
  • Richman 10 (Softstar Technology);
  • Sail Forth (David Evans Games);
  • Torn steel (Greylock Studio);
  • Shadowrun returns (Codex);
  • spiderheck (Neverjami);
  • String theory (Beautiful bees);
  • Strong moon (Chihuahua Games);
  • Stuffed (Waving Bear Studio);
  • The Terror of Hemasarus (Lauren Lemke);
  • Tinikin (Splashteam);
  • Wave break (Funktronic Labs);
  • Destroy it (Four5Six);
  • Inglet (Niflas Games).

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