Check out 30 minutes of the new Saints Row in 4K with Ray Tracing

The new game in the series promises a wide map, lots of action and several customization options

Launching on August 23rd this year, the new Saints Row promises to be A fresh start to the series with more realistic graphics and new gameplay systems. As developer Volition puts the finishing touches on launch, a new video of more than 30 minutes lets you see how the game works on PC.

The footage was recorded by YouTuber Rubhen925, who had the chance to try out the new game for four hours in a preview session. Without giving much detail about the parameters used, it states that Played at 4K resolution using an RTX 3090 GPU with ray tracing capabilities enabled.

Recorded a few, the video is focused Demonstrate the different systems of Saints Row and the way the game’s side quests work. Perhaps at the request of the developers, all storylines have been cut from the available material to avoid any spoilers.

Ray tracing in the game takes care of environmental occlusion

So far, it looks like Saints Row will feature ray tracing effects Just take care of the atmospheric occlusion of the title. The effect helps add more detail to the graphics, but those used to using the technology to create reflections and shadows may find it strange how it’s used in the game.

While the effect is also promised on current-gen consoles, Volition has yet to imagine how it will be used in practice. A preview by Digital Foundry praised the new game’s performance on PC, noting that some graphical details should be Adjusted to ensure good performance on table platforms.

The new Saints Row is back to betting on adventure, marked by action in an open environment full of challenges and mission opportunities. Among the highlights of the new adventure is his Character customization system and operating baseswhich promise to bring the greatest variety the game has ever offered to date.


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