Chatting with Barry Bond helped Joe Pederson sink the Metz

SAN FRANCISCO – Jock Pederson has turned the pre-game chat home with King Barry Bond into the best night of his career.

Pederson has beaten three times and held eight mileages in his career, including one connecting single with two outs in the ninth innings, while the San Francisco Giants beat the Mets, 13-12, on Tuesday in one of the wildest games you can imagine.

“I just learned from such a good striker and how he thinks about baseball and kicks, it just helped me connect a few points to clear my mind on the plate,” Pederson said. “I will never be a Barry Bond. He is the best striker to touch a bat. But it really helped to free my mind box. ”

Brandon Crawford’s match-winning single is close to Edwin Diaz. The Giants – after winning six late runs – somehow recovered to make their own two incredible comebacks.

Francisco Lindორიr homed and drove more in six miles, including a triple-loaded base, which advanced them seven runs in eighth.

Pederson was preparing for the game when he and teammate Lamonte Wade Jr. spent 30 minutes with Bonds at the Giants Club. Pederson and Bonds spoke again in the private office before Pederson politely excused himself.

“Next thing you know, it was 6:25 pm and I said, ‘I have to go,'” Pederson said.

San Francisco wasted 8-2 points and dropped two mileages in the seventh and seven in the eighth, falling behind, 11-8. Pederson equalized with three promising homers in the final half, but the Giants trailed, 12-11, in the ninth, before that with two outs and none before the draw, they stunned New York and ended their five-match losing streak.

“He joked about it after his first, talking to Barry,” Giants singer Logan Webb said of Pederson. “Then he hit the second one, then the third one and it was like that, man, this boy is completely different. You are not going to deceive him with anything. “He tries to do it every time.”

Pederson released a pair of dual homers from Metz creator Chris Basit. The San Francisco janitor then smashed the night’s third homer, with three runs falling to McKowe Cow, Drew Smith, with two attacks in the eighth to erase New York’s 11-8 advantage.

“He had a good night against us,” said Metz manager Buck Schwalter. “Tonight we missed a lot of locations with fast balls. “Most of the time we did not do that, so tonight was a challenge for us.”

Metz went ahead in ninth, with Brandon Nimo’s sacrificial flight triple Dominic Smith.

But in the lower half Mike Jastrzemski walked with two outs and Darin Rufus separately. Pederson’s single equalized and Crawford, who had struck three times earlier, was followed by a sharp single from Diaz (1-1) who threw in the rug.

This was the third blow for Diaz. John Brabia (2-0) won.

Jose Trevino stood next to his striped teammates, put his hands on his head and looked around for the celebration that had just begun at Yankee Stadium.

Exactly the moment he and his father dreamed of together. Before Joe Trevino died in 2013.

Tears welled up in Jose’s eyes as the moment approached. It was the best birthday present he could make for his father.

“It would be wonderful for him to be here,” he said. “But I know he’s watching.”

Trevino performed the game-finished single in the 11th innings to defeat the Sick Yankees near the Baltimore Orioles, 7-6, on Tuesday night, completing a three-game slide and ending an emotional day that also included his second homer of the season and a connecting single in the seventh.

Trevino started Joe Trevino’s 69th birthday by drinking coffee from his father’s favorite cup. He ended it with the most unexpected moment for the player who was acquired on opening day as the first backup glove on the glove.

Joe Trevino was living endlessly in this moment with his son.

“My father was a big fan of the Yankees,” said Jose Trevino. “He always put me in these scenarios. He always said, “Ninth inning, first, you need a base kick to equalize the match or win the game at Yankee Stadium.”

“He always said, ‘I’m training you to be a Yankee,'” he added.

Trevino’s solo Homer helped New York to a 3-0 lead in the third, while his single in the seventh tied the score at 5.

Austin Hayes knocked out RBI’s 11th winner Clark Schmidt (3-2), added his solo homer to help the Orioles clear an early deficit, and put pressure on the Yankees to score at the bottom of the innings.

Isaiah Keener-Falefa defeats auto racer Glaber Torres – who has twice been Homeric – spoiling Brian Baker’s bid for his first major league save. Marvin Gonzalez followed with another single and Trevino then fired Baker’s winning shot (1-2) to the left.

Trevino raised his hands when he was first rounded, and then his teammates threw him near the second base. The first year the Yankee came out of the scrum and briefly soaked the scene itself.

“You can wear the straps, have fun and enjoy it,” said the 29-year-old. “And even if you wear them, you can not wear them forever, so enjoy while you have it.”

Isiah Kiner-Falefa, Marwin Gonzalez and Jose Trevino teamed up with 6 shots in a row from the last three slots to help the Yankees overcome injuries to DJ Lemahie and Giancarlo Stanton. Lemahie crashed into the first pitch shortly before with left wrist discomfort, while Stanton was substituted in the seventh with a tight kick by Estevan Florial due to a right calf sprain.

Lemahie underwent an MRI, which returned clean. She received a cortisone vaccine but may return in a day or two. Stanton will have an MRI on Wednesday.

The Yankees also added Aarold Chapman to the injury list on Tuesday, while Joey Gallo and Josh Donaldson remain Covid-19 IL Gonzalez, who replaced Lemahie in third, hit the pitch in his seventh right hand, but remained in the game.

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