Charlie Montoyo, baseball management who was swinging

The 45 minute lavaba salsa strip set in the Lula Lounge in one of the most recent dishes by Charlie Montoyo appearing in the main door. Universal Club Music Montoya and Lo Condugo, invited by Consus, have already booked the Mesa. Era la que estaba m cs cerca del scenario.

Montoyo, 56, that left the lock and Saludo and Los Mimbros de la Banda that cono. Desperate moments, Montoyo, the Manager of the Azulejos of Toronto – one of the most important teams in the Grand Baseball League – establishes the band with the band and the guinea pig, a basic instrument of Latin music. This human friend is currently following the time and media.

“It’s been our night since the last Azulejos manager,” said Louis Franco, the band’s vocalist, in Spanish. Hizo a señal para que Montoyo se uniera a él e e l e part delantera de scenario e continuó: In favor, un aplauso ”.

Montoyo dio un paso al frente y abrazó a Franco, mientras sonreía y saludaba al público. Peru rapidly moving to its preferred position: with band members, between instruments.

It is possible that the baseball is the engine of Montoyo’s engine, but the music has a subjunctive rhythm. The stadium office is made up of bongos, congas, timbales, maracas and discos. Members of the party salsa salsa para relajarse. And, moreover, the finesse of the tempo of the tempo accompanied by the bands in the nocturnal clubs with a guitar, an instrument that produces sound by squeezing a stick against a jar with eggshells.

“Charlie scolds the script no matter how much it is present in all of our relations,” said Montoyo, Sam, in a recent telephone interview. “Recovering news about the vista during the night was enough to hablar with the gent, and establish in the scenario with the band.”

In the camp, the Azulejos are a diverse and animated group. Desperate that a juggernaut hauled a jonrón, their computers were rooted to accommodate a blue hat, in which the numbers of the parts presented in the team appear from the Canadian Hasta la Republika Dominikana, Pasandoia.

Montoyo is a bully leader, since it costs a lot of time to get there. Up to 18 years old with outgoing drivers in the minorities to the Rays of Tampa Bay and four years as trainers in the major, the last 2019 in Toronto.

The cargo of a promethedora plant will be reconstructed and left in the eliminators 2020 in. Hasta el miércoles, su balance era 33-23.

At the moment, Montoyo’s sonor band is playing salsa.

“This is a phenomenal situation,” said General Azulejos, Ross Atkins, Sobre Montoyo. This is an experience aimed at personal activity. Your experiences in the minor leagues, your experiences as a juggernaut, your cultural experiences. We have exactly what we are trying to contract and more ”.

From the small city of Florida, Puerto Rico, Montoyo turns to salsa and baseball. Having a four-game convoy with the Montreal Expo in 1993 and 1,028 games in the minor leagues, Montoyo retires and comments on the carrier.

“Yo siempre quise ser pelotero,” sent to the Rogers Center in Toronto. „Nunca pensé que iba a ser músico. Poco a poco, seguí tocando. Y me encanta la salsa. Pero ahora sí, me gustaría ser músico ”.

სხვაობა sus hermanos, Montoyo now assists music classes in union with the college band. Al Crecer, Aprendió Mósica de Manera intuitive. In parrandas, a Puerto Rican tradition that is how to sing villancicos by the night, ayudaba to tocar las maracas, el güiro or la pandereta mientras iban de puerta en puerta. In the launchers on the beach, I observe how other tocaban the congas and the place og the las cog.

Montoyo has a large collection of instruments in his permanent residence in Tucson, Arizona, and in his office at Rogers Center, which is a sanctuary dedicated to Puerto Rico and salsa. You will soon be accompanied by an autograph frame of your favorite musician, Herman Olivera, and a new congregation game for the office that has been contracted by Toronto.

Montoyo dijo que conocer a algunos de sus héroes musicales — Como Roberto Roena, Oscar Hernandez, Eddie Palmier, and Olivera — has many important Yugadores de baseball celebrities.

Running out of the 2019 primaries, Montoyo organizes an improvised actuation in his Dunedin, Florida office, with singer Marc Anthony, who has been entertaining a baseball agency repressing agent. Anthony Canto “Aguanile”, Willie Colon Salsa and Hector Lavoe Classico, Montoyo Tokaba Los Bongos. Other pieces of technical leather from the Azurejos of Puerto Rico are added to the fiesta.

(The night before Lula Lounge, Montoyo sent Anthony a video of his activation., Papito. I love. Make me a day”).

Montoyo organizes improvisation sessions and menudo. At first glance, invite one to Quanto Music Club, 4:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.

„We are in a competitive sport and the position in which there is a lot of pressure and attraction from the inside Club house“, Dijo Hector Lebron, 44 years later, in the interpretation of Los Azulejo, who is among the menorahs in Dwarf Montoya and Tampa Bay. “Be on the music relayer and pen.”

Montoyo tocó por primera vez en el Lula Lounge 2019 in. Durante’s practice of bateo previa al juego en mayo, conoció a algunos de los musicës de club que habían escuchado sobre su musical habilidad a través amigos. In a conversation, Luis “Luisito” Orbegoso, a local artist connoisseur, knows that Montoya’s account of what he established and that he invites to the club at night. Montoyo acudió y tocó, y así comenzó su amistad.

„Simempre que está en Toronto, me llama y me dice: ‘¿Cuándo vamos a tocar? “Do you want to be bombed?” „Including the invisible, el Non-season, I contacted y me pone Videos. Nosotros somos pura salsa ”.

The Lula Lounge is one of the places that Montoyo is more than Toronto between 2020 and 2021, when the pandemic-restricted frontations of Canada are mandatory in Azulejos and south of the Mayor of the House of Representatives. .

“Til tiene un hogar aquí”, dijo José Ortega, a co-owner of Lula Lounge que Comenzó and organizer of salsa classes in his apartment in Toronto in the year 2000 antes of which this crew is deprived of their friends standing in the restaurant. the club of which is copropietario with José Nieves. We see it as a member of the band ”.

Montoyo has totals in the Lula Lounge all the time, including the times it is temporarily deprived of the parties in the house of the sábados by the tarde. Menu and with the directives or trainers of the team and led to the epic when establishing a visit from Arizona, where each escorted school with its minor. Montoyo establishes the day of your most recent visit —los Azulejos establishes in the middle of a tram of 20 days following the games— pero the club is its escape.

“Sam Sam sabe that it’s slow and that we always have a different part and that it is solo in the apartment, it says that it all goes and fun”, said Montoyo.

As Azulejos is expected to fly to the Houston Astros — a part of Montoyo that exploded inside the quintessence to discuss a third strike by Guerrero — in the Lula Lounge with the Salsa Worldwide band Luis Franco.

“Nosotros le decimos swing”, directed by Alex Naar, 42 years old, percussionist de la Banda que montóstó a Montoyo un guiro y lo guio en los arreglos m moderns modernos. “This is natural swing music. Lol lo siente en el corazón. “There is no rhythm.”

Going for the first set, Montoyo poses for the photos with some fans. Mientras a classic tocaba DJ of salsa and reguetón, Montoyo hits the vacant script to hit the congas in the rhythm of the song. When the regression band is set to the next set, the units.

“Baseball is a Caribbean,” said Ortega, who was born in Ecuador and created in New York. “It’s Puerto Rican, it’s Dominican, it’s Venezuelan, and it’s all the rhythm and the style and the song that Latinos play. This environment, Como that va de la Mano. As for me, when Charlie established it all, he wrote: “Wow, this is a perfect union and the perfect of all things”.

In all aspects of its life, Montoyo has been treated to present itself on the island, since the diamond has the scenario.

“Es difícil llegar a este nivel”, dijo sobre su trabajo. “No esperaba leggar aquí, sincere, false tantos. Because the Puerto Rican flag is too tight for me, but all the lads. I’m so organized and so is the music. “

Less than medianoche, when quedaban one lacks songs in the second set of your recent visit to Lula Lounge, Montoyo Terminó. Le devolvió el güiro a Naar, le dio un abrazo y se despidió. Reading is not, but Los Azulekhos date 1:00 pm Cogió su chaketa and se fue con los impleados de equipo que habían venido. Pero volverá.

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