Chapter 3 Season 3 is now available

Epic Games Released This Week (05), Fortnite Season 3: Chapter 3. Party-themed, the season brings many new features, including Darth Vader (Star Wars) and Indiana Jones skins.

First, the publisher showed two trailers to popularize this period. In the cinematic video you can see Vader riding on the attraction. The other teaser shows more of the game process. Watching:

According to Epic, players will find a new biome on the island map: “Waterfall of Reality”. In this forest there are “ordinary and shimmering” mushrooms, purple trees, geysers, as well as swimming under waterfalls.

Another new feature in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 3 is the Seed of Reality. Survivors can plant it during matches to pick up a “twig of reality.” With his hands, grind to increase the level of your loot until you reach the “mythical” level.

Machinery and installations

Meanwhile, the “hamster balls” are back on the island. It is possible to scroll around the map while this car battery is running (when it runs out, you need to look for another one). Also, use it at Bolafuso to enter the attraction.

Speaking of transport, wild mounts are also available in the new season. Jump on wolves or pigs and use your weapon on them – this can be quite an advantage.

New Weapons in Fortnite: Chapter 3

Epic Games has introduced three new weapons in Fortnite: Chapter 3. Two-shot Shotgun, Sniper Rifle (AE Rifle) and Hammer Assault Rifle.

In addition, the following weapons are also returned:

  • Auxiliary pistol
  • Revolver
  • Automatic rifle
  • Attack the shotgun
  • SMG Ferrão
  • Combat SMG
  • Guards assault rifle
  • Attack with a shotgun
  • Heavy sniper rifle
  • Bomb
  • Firefly glass
  • Harpoon
  • Shadowtracker (Exotic Weapon)
  • Accurate six-shot revolver (exotic weapon)
  • Slam (exotic weapon)
  • Smoke sniper rifle (exotic weapon)
  • Shock wave grenade

Stormy condition

Another new addition to Season 3 is that the hurricane – the limit zone in Battle Royale – is more dangerous. Anyone who stays on it for long will develop “storm disorder”, “a condition that exacerbates the decline in health,” according to Epic.

Players will receive a warning when they intend to develop such a disorder. To avoid a massive loss of HP, just get out of the storm – however, re-enter it and the condition will return.

Darth Vader, Indiana Jones and other Battle Pass

The new Battle Pass has some exciting new features, especially for movie lovers. The two guaranteed skins for this season are Darth Vader (Star Wars) and Indiana Jones – the latter will be available throughout the season.

Fortnite Battle Pass characters

In addition to the icons from this movie, fans can expect the following costumes:

  • Click
  • Join
  • Storm chaser
  • Malik
  • Sabine

Click will be the most adjustable skin on the island. This is because when you block it on page 1 of the Battle Pass, it reflects your tasks. Upon their completion, the player takes his “part” (arms, heads, legs and torso). Combine them as you see fit and create your own version of the character.

Snap, customizable Fortnite characters

What is happening? Are you going to Fortnite Season 3: Chapter 3? Tell us in the comments!

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