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Enigma do Medo is a puzzle and exploration game set in the world of Paranormal Order, a role-playing game by streamer Cellbit. Developed in partnership with Dumativa, the game is two years in the making and is scheduled for release in January 2023 on PC, but will later receive versions for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Enigma do Medo was co-financed by Catarse and raised over R$4.2 million, eight times the original goal of R$500,000. O TechTudo spoke to Cellbit at Twitch’s booth at Brasil Game Show (BGS) 2022 and reveals details about the game’s production below.

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Enigma of Fear is part of Ordem Paranormal and will be released in January 2023 — Photo: Reproduction/Ordem Paranormal Wiki

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Paranormal Order is a tabletop RPG series popularized by Rafael Langes, better known as Cellbit. The game currently has six campaigns and is shown on Saturdays on Twitch. Its rich world allowed for the expansion of the story in the game Riddles of Fear, where the paranormal detective Mia tries to uncover the secrets behind the disappearance of her father, the master. Veríssimo, with the help of his “dog companion” Lupi.

Veríssimo was the leader of the paranormal detective organization Ordo Realitas “The Perimeter – The Place That Doesn’t Exist”. Amidst the mysteries, the player will need to investigate the Cult of Fear, a group responsible for the disappearance of Ordo Realitas agents.

According to Cellbit, the game is a standalone product designed for a new audience. “It was created for people who have never watched an RPG and who are not familiar with this world. So it’s one of the first things in Ordem’s world that you can consume in your life,” he explains.

Mia and her dog Lupine solve the mysteries of the disappearance of paranormal detectives – Photo: Disclosure / Steam

Its developer describes the game as a “mystery puzzle with elements of horror and exploration”. In this way, the player must explore and solve puzzles to complete the game and understand what is happening in the story. The environment to be explored is the perimeter, an open and non-linear area, that is, it will not be necessary to follow the narrative itself in order to progress in the story.

As Mia, the player will need to solve puzzles and defeat terrifying creatures through an immersive investigation system. All this with a mysterious environment with pixel art visuals and 3D environment.

When creating this game, Cellbit says it wanted to combine everything it liked about other games and wanted more. “The biggest references that are very clear when you go to play are Outer Wilds, which has a non-linear narrative investigation system, and Silent Hill, for its horror theme.” The streamer also cites Resident Evil for survival and Undertale, in less direct references.

Cellbit talks about Enigma do Medo, the RPG game Supernatural Order — Photo: Nathalia Duarte/TechTudo

In our conversation, Selbitt says that he has very ambitious ideas, but he has never done anything as complex as a game. The initial process was similar to the creation of the Paranormal Order series. But the difference in media makes it much more complicated. “Writing a story that will play out and with a limited schedule is very different from doing a story live with friends.”

However, a big challenge for a content creator in making a game is choosing what doesn’t make it into the final version. “I had a list of 50 ideas and different core game cores that I wanted to focus on, but ultimately we have to start polishing the game and cutting out what’s not strictly necessary because it needs to be finished and released. If we want to do all 50 different mechanics, it won’t be out until 2048,” says Selbitt.

A fan of RPGs since his childhood, when he learned to play with his older brothers at age 6, Selbitt says he’s proud of the world of Paranormal Order, which has a series on Twitch, a published rulebook, a game and soon a story. in comics. In the future, there is also the idea of ​​shooting a TV series. For now, the focus is on the game. “Making a video game is a lot of work and it’s hard, but it’s really nice to see it all come together and see all the effort as you play it in front of you,” reveals the streamer.

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