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Stray, the game that has become known as the “cat game”, was released in July for PlayStation (PS4 and PS5) and PC. The game attracted attention for its quality, success in the community and, above all, the fact that cats are literally the stars in it. Although the premise is unusual, the most interesting thing is that this is not the only game where this happens. These animals are a recurring theme in all types of games, from RPGs, to adventure and even horror titles, always with cats in prominent positions or as protagonists.

Titles such as Cat Quest, Copycat, and Night in the Woods are some examples of games where the protagonists are kittens, as in Stray. Check out more cat titles below to enjoy on multiple platforms.

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Stray is a cat game that went viral and is now available on PS4, PS5 and PC — Photo: Disclosure / BlueTwelve Studio

Cat Quest I and II are action role-playing games with a “top-down” perspective, that is, a view with a higher frame where you can see the entire scenario around you. In terms of graphics and atmosphere, the games are similar to The Legend of Zelda series, but with a retro look simulating other older titles.

Cat Quest is similar to Zelda and combines RPG elements with adventure — Photo: Disclosure / The Gentlebros

The original game was released in 2017 and without much fanfare was a success that continued into 2019. The story takes place in a world where cats live as locals and the player controls a humanoid cat who needs to save his sister. The plot is very simple, but the animals retain some characteristic behaviors that resemble real cat movements, such as long jumps and scratching.

Cattails – Nintendo Switch and PC

Cattails is a game that is somewhat similar to Stray, but it lacks 3D graphics and bets on a more simple and retro look. The gameplay is inspired by survival titles as the player takes on the role of a cat living in an open environment and needs to thrive, collect materials and survive threats.

Cattails is similar to games like Stardew Valley in terms of gameplay and graphics — Photo: Disclosure/Falcon Development

The game is also similar to Stardew Valley which follows the same principle but with humans. There are battles, puzzles, and a story that unfolds throughout each scenario you discover. Cattails was also released in 2017 and was well received by those who enjoyed it, as seen in the reviews on Steam. The sequel is planned for 2023.

Cat and Ghostly Road – PC

Cat and Ghostly Road is a little different from the other games on this list. It’s more simple and thought-provoking because it doesn’t offer much action and focuses on developing the stories of its few characters and exploring its smaller scenarios. In the game, the main character, Knut, participates in the saga as an observer and has the supernatural power to assume a humanoid form from time to time.

Cat and Ghostly Road has supernatural elements of Japanese culture — Photo: Disclosure / BOV

The game also touches on Japanese folklore and its supernatural perspective, using scenarios, legends and figures to set the tone for your adventure. Cat explores the world of demons and spirits, good and evil, to learn more about life itself and its reality.

Copycat is a game that hasn’t been released yet – the prediction is that it will happen in 2022, but there is no confirmed date. The game is also somewhat similar to Stray, starting with free control of the cat in the scenarios. However, the propositions of the games are quite different, as in CopyCat the idea is to report the world from the perspective of the kitten Dawn.

Copycat hasn’t been published yet and looks a bit like a tramp — Photo: Disclosure/Spoonful Of Wonder

The game focuses on narrative and tells the story of a shelter kitten who dreads the day of his adoption. However, this changes when he meets Olive, the new owner. The game also has some on-screen decisions, such as buttons that appear in front of the player and allow you to bite or scratch a hand that is trying to catch an animal, for example. Copycat also has 3D graphics and promises to be loved by those who love this type of adventure.

Blacksad: Under the Skin – PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch

One of the most curious games on the list, Blacksad: Under the Skin is a 2019 game inspired by comics. Originally created by Juan Diaz Canales and Juanju Guarnido, John Blackseed is a humanoid cat, in a world where there are few such animals, who works as a private detective in 1950s New York.

Blacksad: Under the Skin is inspired by the European comic of the same name — Photo: Disclosure / Microids

The game takes place in the same time and settings. Players control Blackseed as he investigates a mysterious death. Anyone who has played Telltale titles like The Walking Dead should feel right at home, as the gameplay follows more or less the same style. In the game, the player explores scenarios, dialogues with other people, and must determine ways that will affect the gameplay as well as the direction the story will take.

MagiCat – PC, Nintendo Switch

Released in 2017, MagiCat is a very simple game. It also bets on retro style not only visually, but also in its soundtrack and sound effects. The gameplay is platforming in the best Mega Man, Sonic and Super Mario style. The player controls a friendly cat with magical abilities and a wizard’s hat, and must overcome obstacles, as well as defeat enemies and traps.

MagiCat is a platform game in the most classic format — Photo: Disclosure / Toge Productions

In the story, the main character Kitty goes on a journey to recover a stolen artifact. There are a total of 63 stages and different map themes to challenge the player, such as elements that resemble snow, land and water, making the experience more difficult with each new unlock – in the style of classic platform titles.

Night in the Woods – PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch

Night in the Woods is a 2017 game that won a BAFTA, British Academy Film Award, in the United Kingdom for its narrative. Storytelling is definitely one of the game’s strong points, apart from its attractive graphics that look like paintings. Gameplay focuses on exploration and RPG elements with survival mixed with rhythm and combat gameplay.

A Night in the Woods even won an award for its storytelling — Photo: Disclosure / Endless Autumn

In Night in the Woods, the player controls May Borowski, a cat who returns to the village where she grew up to try to return to her old life. Then he discovers that a lot has changed and some of his friends no longer live there. However, a bigger mystery haunts the town of Possum Springs, and May must try to find out before more residents fall victim to the dangers.

Stray, of course, could not be left off the list. The latest and most famous example is now available to anyone who wants to play on their advertised platforms. The game can be purchased on Steam for PC or PlayStation consoles, where it is also available for PS Plus subscribers at the Deluxe or Extra levels.

Stray can be played at no additional cost to those who already subscribe to PS Plus – Photo: Disclosure / BlueTwelve Studio

Stray begins with the cat hero living peacefully with his friends, exploring a place full of nature and acting like a normal kitten. The game soon changes when the character falls into a huge pit and finds himself in another reality: a futuristic and dystopian city dominated by a kind of fungus and no people, only machines and monsters that can swallow you. Despite being an indie game, Stray stands out for its beautiful graphics and cat simulation mechanics that are realistic in every aspect.

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