Cassiodora, a Brazilian shoot’em up game, gets a release date

Game Drops has received official data. Cassiodora, the Brazilian shoot’em up, is getting a release date, platforms and demo on Steam.

Brazilian developers Void Studios and French publisher PID Games are proud to present CassiodoraYour new and electrified game shoot🇧🇷 Cassiodora is an action-adventure game from the cult genre popular in arcades and this Coming to PC (via Steam), PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on December 15🇧🇷 With original touches unique to the genre and homages to timeless shmup classics like Cotton, Parodius, Forgotten Worlds and modern hits like Cuphead, Cassiodora It can now be tested for free via a demo on Steam.

Princess Cassiodora was kidnapped by the evil wizard Kenzar. To save her, the chosen knights Agni, Colden and Luken must face a vast army of witches, ghosts and demons in the kingdom of Astoria. To complete this feat, the druid Faramix grants Agni, Kolden, and Luken magical wings and elemental powers to aid them in their quest. Adventure alone or with two friends, the Kingdom of Astoria awaits!



Play alone or with two friends on the same screen and explore 7 regions with 35 handcrafted scenarios, each with its own environment, challenges, special rewards and unique items.

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Cassiodora. Photo: Disclosure

accessible to all

Choose from different difficulty levels from easy to hard or define your own experience. Do you want to be invincible and come back to life when you die? It’s your choice!

repetition factor

From the leader to the oldest and newest knights, enjoy 3 different characters, each with their own personality, abilities, moves and unique unlockables.

elemental forces

Enemies, puzzles, gates, and roots only react to certain elemental abilities. Switch between 3 elemental powers or ask your friends for help!

Customizable characters

Unlock new looks for each character with over 50 cosmetic items to outfit your knights.


Take on massive, epic bosses and discover unique ways to defeat them. Fly and win to continue your quest!

Take care of your elemental guards

Pet them, fly them, shoot them, slash them, but do it all in style!

About PID games

PID Games is a publishing brand created by Plug In Digital. We provide a differentiated publishing support experience for all platforms, from Fairytale Ghost to Paper Beast, including Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, PomPom and Skabma.

About Void Studios

Void Studios is an independent studio from São Paulo that strives to develop games with a high level of entertainment, story and gameplay. They want to develop games for different players, from casual to hardcore, classic to innovative.

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