Cardiki: The Brazilian studio is developing a Brazilian-inspired “Pokemon” and we are talking to them!

Cardigans – as the game’s little monsters are called – are inspired by the creatures and elements of Brazilian culture.

Cardiac Is a Brazilian game in the style of the famous games of the main franchise Pokemon, Which are very successful all over the world. The title will be developed by the team GG Studios Brazil And recently showed some pictures of how the fighting game is going Cardigans – As the little monsters of the national game are called – to arouse even more curiosity to get more news about the game. Today we will offer you the details of the project in addition to the conversation Daniel Lima, CEO Gives GG Studios Brazil And Creator Cardiac.

The game will be traditional Catching monstersAs seen in the franchise many things Pokemon Or in new games like ᲛHe has. The story unfolds in the region Kodumaa And will feature several small monsters inspired by Brazilian culture such as Caramel – Lovely Caramel dog The franchise, which is also Cardiac The favorite of the developer team, as has been said Daniel Lima -, და Murikocha – The dark version of horror Murichokas – which brings the game closer to the animals of our country.

Daniel Lima CEO Gives GG Studios Brazil – Tell us how the game project was born: “The idea came from wanting to make a game to show the Brazilians, and to see that the computer-monster style was an interesting proposition, as it brought in local fauna and flora.”

“You will fight to become the king of Kodumaa in the process of the leaders of the region, the pillars of the king and, ultimately, the defeat of the king.”

# 027 Ronpapa (Yellow Breast Alligator)
Type – dark
“They say he’s the most lovable thing you can find on Kodumaa Lakes and Rivers, but don’t be overly focused on it, because he’s an elite fighter who can help you in many cases. Shoot if you can.”

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Recently, the team released a video with updated gameplay showing what the layout will look like during battles. Cardiac Done in pairs – and current designs Cardigans, Watch the video below.

The game has been in development for about a year, but in the last six months the production rate has increased despite the complexity. Daniel Lima Implement the project because the team needs to share time with other paid jobs – like Cardiac It is an independent production. A total of 22 people are involved in the project, which are distributed in different zones.

“We do not believe it [teremos problemas com a Nintendo]”Because we follow our own path, like TemTem or Coromon, we are just catch-monsters.”

THE GG Studios Brazil Plans to release early access to the game from late 2023 to early 2024. In recent posts on Instagram you can see that the team does not rule out the possibility of trying to raise funds to accelerate production through crowdfunding.

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Learn about the universe Cardiac:

The game takes place in the Kodumaa region, where you embark on a journey to find the true potential of Kardak in you. In it we will explore a lot of environmental issues against enemies fighting for the end of the Amazon rainforest and for capture. In the process you will fight to become the king of Kodumaa in the process of the leaders of the region, the pillars of the king and, ultimately, the defeat of the king.

Read more about the game and its development in our conversation below with Daniel Lima, CEO Gives GG Studios Brazil And Creator Cardiac.

Tell us a little bit about where the idea for the game came from and how long you have been working on the project.
Daniel Lima:
The idea of ​​our game came from the desire to make a game that showed Brazilians to Brazilians, and to see that the style of a monster caught with a computer was a proposition.SInterestingly, because of the local fauna and flora, we chose such a style. We have been working on the project for 1 year, but we have been in more intensive production for 6 months. “

What is your inspiration for creating cardigans? Do you have a favorite for the team?
“Our inspiration is the creatures and elements of Brazilian culture and currently we have Caramel as a favorite because he is our Caramel dog.”

How many Kaardiks will be available when launching the game?
“Currently we have a ceiling of 100 cards to attend the game, but according to that, it can increase to 130. We aim to start other adventures with new little monsters. “

What sets your game apart from the Pokémon franchise?
“Our difference is in the gameplay, our game is in double battles, while the attacks, defense, support are in the cards that are reflected in the player’s journey. We believe that the differential of the game is that it is an RPG that watches secondary quests and very interesting content. “

What is the biggest difficulty for game development?
“I would say the biggest difficulty is the lack of time. In Brazil it is still very difficult to develop the game, even more independently, so the team needs to work on other jobs and play free time, but we are pursuing investments to change this situation. Take a few steps back, move forward again. “

How many people are involved in the project?
“Currently, 22 people are involved in the project, both in marketing and programming, 3D and similar.

Which platforms will receive the title?
“Currently we are focused on the first release of the computer, but nothing prevents us from switching to other platforms in the future.”

What are the sales expectations for Kaardik?
“Our expectations are very good considering a good record of indie style games.”

Are you planning to expand the franchise to play new games successfully?
“We are absolutely confident that the game will successfully use new games to explore new regions and cultures.”

Without any direct reference, do you have any fears that Nintendo might interfere with the project?
“We do not believe it [teremos problemas com a Nintendo]”Because we follow our own path, like TemTem or Coromon, we are just catch-monsters.”

Do you have any predictions about the release date?
“We expect the game to start early access at the end of next year or early 2024, in the amount of 35 to 45 reais.”

Those who are interested in knowing more about the game and everything Cardigans An already disclosed team can follow GG Studios Brazil At Twitter, Instagram And also inside YouTube. As an independent studio in Brazil, support and involvement on social media is very important to help reach similar projects to customers.

Beyond perspective CardiacWe just posted it here Adrenaline About the project BagmonCreated by Illustrator Wagner Janelle – Also known as Bag – who created 151 Bagmon Inspired by Brazilian culture, which includes fauna, flora, memes, characters and personalities from Brazil. Project executed by Bag Born in honor of the Pokémon franchise and Brazilian culture, but there is still no specific project to become the game, but the creator Bagmon It has already been revealed that he plans to create an original game based on his work.

What do you think of the game idea? Cardiac? Did you like it or not Cardigans Already submitted? Share your opinion in the comments!

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