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Once again, Capcom has decided to promote some of its games on the Nintendo Switch digital store. Dubbed the ‘Summer Sale’, the deals feature standout titles such as Crazy Action devil can cry And the curious narrative of the series Ace attorney. The discount ranges from 25% to 67% and is valid until August 28. Check out each promotion below.

Resident Evil (Image: Handout/Capcom)

A paid game is always nice. Especially for Nintendo Switch owners. So, from August 15th to August 28th, almost the entire Capcom library is at an exciting discount.

The first focus goes to the horror and zombie franchise. Among the remakes of the first Resident Villa 6, games are half the original price. I’m thinking of something relatively recent, these two Revelations 60% off each. If you like series that are more action or survival oriented, each entry deserves your attention, especially at these prices.

Now, if what you like is more retro gameplay, well then mega man Something worth checking out. Both X Legacy Collection It costs R$ 33, while Mega Man 11 There is a 67% discount, it costs R$42.53. Other Blue Bomber titles are available at exciting prices starting at 50% off.

Similarly, I have to offer you Okami HD. This playable artwork is priced at Rs 41.50. Adventure has a trail Legend of ᲖeldaFull of dungeons and puzzles, it also features an attractive and charismatic protagonist.

The best Nintendo eShop deals

Check out the highlights in the Switch store. We remind you that Capcom games will only be on sale until August 28. I just miss the series Street Fighter this time.

match Current price discount
Resident Evil BRL 41.50 50%
Resident Evil 0 BRL 41.25 50%
Resident Villa 4 BRL 41.50 50%
Resident Villa 5 BRL 41.50 50%
Resident Villa 6 BRL 41.50 50%
Resident Evil Revelations BRL 33.20 60%
Resident Evil Revelations 2 BRL 33.20 60%
Chronicles of a Big Ace Lawyer BRL 104.78 38%
Ace Attorney Turnabout Collection BRL 164.93 34%
devil can cry BRL 41.25 50%
Devil May Cry 2 BRL 41.25 50%
Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition BRL 49.80 40%
Mega Man X Legacy Collection BRL 33 60%
Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 BRL 33 60%
Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection BRL 64.50 50%
Mega Man 11 BRL 42.53 67%
Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Risen BRL 42.57 67%
Onimusha: Warriors BRL 33 60%
Okami HD BRL 41.50 50%
Shinskai in the deep BRL 61.87 25%

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