“Cancellation shouldn’t be taboo,” says boss for EA Motive

Despite being a relatively new studio, founded in 2015, EA motivation Has done only projects related to big franchises, incl Star Wars And now a remake dead space. It came close to creating an entirely new game that was canceled, which may seem like a waste to the developer’s fans, but executive Patrick Klaus believes that this type of situation should be part of the process.

In an interview for the website EurogamerThe manager of Motive Studio spoke about the project that was coded Gayaand about the future of the studio, which includes the recently announced Iron man. It shouldn’t be taboo for him to cancel video games.

“There’s no taboo about it. It’s part of the creative process and the uncertainty that comes from exploring different things,” he says of the end of the project. Gayawhich was briefly shown to the audience at E3 2020, where a character filled with an airplane flew between buildings.

(reproduction)Source: Eurogamer/Electronic Arts

“What I think was really important at the time is that it wasn’t the exclusive decision of EA headquarters. It was our decision,” the executive recalled of the cancellation. “We didn’t want to take a bigger step than ours,” he says, explaining that they preferred to make sure their employees supported themselves before trying something completely new and risky.

It was at this point that Motiv got the opportunity to work on the remake dead spacewhich arrives on January 27, 2023 and beyond Iron man, who has yet to reveal any details. “A little scary, right? Because it will be huge and it will have a lot of expectations from millions of players. We want to continue what I say has become part of our DNA – the treatment. The franchise, at the same time, with confidence, humility and passion. ” – says Klaus.

He said the Iron Man game would be “a completely new story,” though he didn’t give much information. “We need time to try out some things and make sure we have a vision and a creative direction that’s new and unique and different from some of the other Marvel games or action RPGs. Production.” he explains.

When asked about the possible implementation of the concepts Gaya in Iron manKlaus chuckled, but was hopeful, “Maybe there will be a chance in the future that some of the artwork will come back in some form.” “We continue to learn every day,” he concludes.

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