Callisto Protocol will have more paid story, modes and kill animations

The Season Pass will have 13 hero death animations and more content

It is one of the most important places in the Callisto protocol Death animations, and the developers have already assured that there will be several of them. But if you want to see all the animations, You must purchase the Deluxe Edition of the game, which includes the Season Pass and more content.

New information on the game’s page on Steam reveals what we can expect from the most expensive version of the game, which costs R$329 on PC. The Season Pass gives you more costumes, modes and difficulties, and even more story, which means that only those who buy The Callisto Protocol Deluxe Digital will have access to the entire story of the game.

Callisto Protocol – Season Pass Content

Outer Way Skin Collection: Take on the armor of the Outer Way, an underground rebellion built against the UJC, as you fight to survive the horrors of Callisto.

Transfer package: Discover the ultimate survival horror experience with the new mode, Contagion. With reduced ammo and health, normal difficulty and permadeath (permadeath), there is no second chance to escape the black iron prison or the horrors that lurk beneath the surface of Callisto. The Contagion Bundle also includes 13 new Jacob Death animations and a collection of Watchtower skins.

A pack of riots: Brave the uncharted territory of Black Iron Castle and fight waves of fierce enemies. Collect credits to upgrade your weapons or craft new ones and survive the onslaught as long as possible in Riot’s new mode. The Riot Bundle also includes 12 new enemy kill animations and a collection of engineer skins.

Story DLC: Delve into the terrifying secrets of The Callisto Protocol

This kind of approach usually doesn’t go over well, especially when the studio packs more story into a more expensive version of the game, even the death animations are kind of weird in a season pass, let alone a game. that the focus is on the offline campaign.

The truth is that those willing (and able) to pay more will have access to two game modes, costumes that cannot be obtained normally, will see specific death animations, and will have more details about the history of the Callisto Protocol.

The game will be released on December 2nd for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

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