Callisto Protocol: Studio Says Game Pass’ ‘financial model’ is complicated

Also, the Game Offer will not be eligible for a subscription service

The developers of The Callisto Protocol, one of the biggest releases of the year, I even thought of the title in the Game Pass catalog. But in an interview with True Achievements, Striking Distance Studios CTO Mark James said: said its game offering doesn’t fit with a subscription service.

“You play Callisto Protocol once. I think these services are built on an open-world and repetitive multiplayer gameplay style. I think games like this will survive well on this service,” says James.

Another reason Striking Distance moved away from Game Pass, according to James, is the service’s “financial model,” which is difficult for an independent studio to handle. “[…] I’m just saying that as a financial model, it’s difficult to work in an independent studio.”

“As an independent, third-party (studio), it’s very difficult to get a third-person linear game to work on these services. I’m not saying never, (but) it’s financially difficult to make it work,” he adds.

“Microsoft has its own single-player games on the service, and I still think you’ll see platform owners putting indie games on the service. […] I think you’ll see single-player games, but they’ll probably come from hardware companies,” said Striking Distance’s CTO.

The Callisto protocol is developed by industry veterans

Despite being a new and independent studio, there’s no denying that Callisto Protocol’s trailers have shown that the game should have great production quality. The studio, Striking Distance Studios, was founded by an industry veteran with extensive experience.

Glenn Schofield worked on several franchises during his years at the helm of Visceral Games, a studio that was shuttered by EA in 2017. At the studio, Schofield created, among several titles, the Dead Space franchise, which is going strong. Inspiration for the Callisto Protocol.

The game promises to bring the same atmosphere, with dark scenarios in space stations, monsters and combat gameplay that, unlike Dead Space, combines firearms and melee.

Callisto Protocol launches on December 2nd for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

Callisto's protocol will have an achievement to view all death animations

Callisto’s protocol will have an achievement to view all death animations
“You will die a lot in our game,” the developers promise


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