Callisto Protocol: Developer says it’s not profitable to release a game on Xbox Game Pass

Among the few games we’ll still see in 2022 is The Callisto Protocol, the first game developed by Striking Distance Studios, the studio founded by Dead Space franchise creator Glenn Schofield.

In an interview during GamesCom 2022, Mark James, the studio’s chief technology officer, talked about the possibility of adding the game to the Xbox Game Pass catalog, saying that the development team is considering this possibility, however, the developer thinks that the service is more beneficial for open world or multiplayer For games rather than single player games.

While many gamers love the current state of the video game industry, thanks to services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Game Pass, many developers have already discovered that it is not financially viable to simultaneously release games on Game Pass, and it seems that Striking Distance Studios The creator of The Callisto Protocol also shares the opinion.

You play Callisto Protocol once. I think these services are built around open world style games and repetitive multiplayer. I think these types of games will survive well on this service.

Elaborating further on its announcement, the developer says that the Xbox Game Pass business model is difficult for an independent studio. Single-player games will still be hosted on similar services, but most will be owned by the platform owners.

Microsoft has its own single-player games within the service, and I still think you’ll see the studios that own the platform provide single-player games on them; I’m just saying [que] As a financial model, it is difficult to work as an independent studio. I think you will see single-player games, but it will likely come from the console companies.

As an independent third-party studio, it is very difficult to develop a third-party linear game on these services. I’m not saying never; It is financially difficult to operate it.

Callisto Protocol launches on December 2nd for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One.

So, what do you think of the developer’s announcements?

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